Free game with new Psp go promotion

"This should make the PSP Go's price tag a bit easier to swallow. From now until March 21, new North American PSP Go owners that add a PlayStation Network to their systems will be eligible to receive a free game from the PlayStation Store: either Assassin's Creed Bloodlines or LittleBigPlanet PSP. After the registration process, SCEA will e-mail a special code that enables the free download."

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Homicide4728d ago

Still not worth it, and didn't AC get bad scores? No wonder they're giving it away.

D4RkNIKON4728d ago

Get rid of the "or" and it would be a deal.

Saaking4728d ago

I don't want a PSPgo at all. I don't see the point of it.

ThanatosDMC4728d ago

Ass Creed on the PSP was terrible. I still regret buying it. There can be three enemies max and it's extremely easy to kill or loose them. Loading sucks. They should have copied how Spiderman 3 streamed the whole city on the PSP. The sad part of it all is that there was a lot more things happening on screen in Spiderman 3 compared to Ass Creed.

Everyone is bound to pick the LBP promo code, if they know how this Ass Creed plays.

fox024728d ago

That's what you'd say if it was Microsoft doing it.

you guys would never do that.

specialguest4728d ago

No one wants the PSP Go. I have my original PSP Fat and I don't plan to upgrade at all.

Megaton4728d ago

How about dropping the price instead of giving away a free turd to compliment your insanely overpriced new gadget?

There was a very accurate description of the PSP Go a couple months back in an article I saw here. Something to the point of; "The PSP Go is what you'd get if you turned a facepalm into a gaming device."

execution174728d ago

i don't have any complaints besides just getting rock band unplugged, and i prefer the go over the fat psp, button layout is better no fingers covering the screen and it kinda hurts my wrist having them spread so far apart compared to the go, and i just leave my DLs saved to my PS3 so if i need the space i can delete it off the go, and yea load times aren't as long as compared to UMDs which is a given since their stream off the memory card

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GunShotEddy4728d ago

LBP is good, but that doesn't nearly offset the cost of a PSPgo.

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Unicron4728d ago

NO ONE go to the open zone.

Xbox sh1theads spoiling Heavy Rain.

kingdavid4728d ago

Fk this. Ive given the bots a fair chance on this site but this is just blatant pathetic behaviour.

Totally not cool at all.

Megaton4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

Happens every time a big PS3 game is almost out. They spoiled Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 for me, though I really don't mind spoilers in general. They TRIED to spoil MGS4 but they were too retarded to even get the ending right, and spammed N4G with fake spoilers.

I willingly watched the ending to Heavy Rain already, so I what's what, but it's a colossal d!ck move to spoil it for everyone who doesn't wanna know. Especially for a game that is so incredibly story-driven.

The 360 fanboys here really get on my nerves sometimes. They're just as bad as the PS3 fanboys, if not worse. Some spend their whole life on N4G to get first comment on anything positive about the PS3 in order to derail conversation in the seemingly modless Gamer Zone. Of course that's followed by the constant flow of tears about N4G being a Sony site, while they spend their time making sure it's anything but. If they can't find anti-Sony FUD to submit, they'll just write some themselves, and use their army of multiple accounts to jam it through pending, rules be damned. Their final act, the spoiler bit. Happens to every PS3 exclusive with a story.

The PS3 fanboys did it with Gears 2, which was just as lame, but it seemed to be payback for their effort to spoil MGS4. You didn't see anyone pulling this sh*t for Mass Effect 2.

tehReaper4728d ago

I think it's just one fanboy from what I've seen. I don't remember anyone doing it for KZ2 but I remember a few doing it for R2 and Gears2. I don't see how some people can hate on a brand so much and resort to this.

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