Warhawk Beta Test Extended

Sony sent over a press release announcing that the beta test for the PS3 multiplayer shooter Warhawk has been extended. Originally set to end today the beta test will now end on Monday, July 2.

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Firewire4134d ago

Yeah, everyone knew about this a week & a half ago!
Incognito let everyone know through the official Warhawk
boards for the beta!

bigmack4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

so sad when the beta is gone :(

Ebay3rd4134d ago

Can't miss what you never had so until release its all the same..

LSDARBY4134d ago

sad when its gone, but atleast i'll have rainbow six lol

RandyMarsh4134d ago

i think i might die a little inside when the beta ends

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The story is too old to be commented.