Final Fantasy Celebration Tonight in SF

So tonight we are holding our FINAL FANTASY anniversary celebration in San Francisco at the PlayStation Store… It's going to be a big party and I'm pretty sure we're ready, but when are you ever 100% ready for an event like this?

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Bill Gates4185d ago

"Final Fantasy Celebration Tonight in SF"

...well I know who wont be there....Micro$haft, that's who.


Lord Anubis4185d ago

I received the invitation but unfortunately I wont be able to go. perhaps next time.I went to the God of war II event and had to stay there till pass midnight to buy the game. :( If you are a lucky GAP member you can be offered the job to assist on the event, there will be an MLB event at the Metreon and sony is hiring GAP members, if you live in the Silicon Valley are and you are fortunate to be a GAP member than check your E-mail.