The Tester: Trainwreck TV for the PS3

PlayStation Network released the first full-length episode of the PlayStation-themed reality show The Tester on February 18th. If you like video games, and you like disasterous television, then you're probably going to love to hate the PlayStation Network's exclusive original series The Tester.

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Nitrowolf23797d ago

ya i kind of agree with some of the points. Personally i felt like it was way to short and for the first round i was expecting something else instead of the can you spot what is different. And when they did that i thought there was gonna be another challenge but they went straight into elimination and ended. I laughed at the 5,000 prize money, that just seems all to little

LordMarius3797d ago

eh I watch and will keep watching
and if you liked it and want to keep discussing it go here

-EvoAnubis-3797d ago

It's free, it's mildly entertaining, and it's kinda interesting. No reason not to watch.

redsquad3797d ago

Except that if it's a success, they'll make more... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!;)

hatchimatchi3797d ago

I think barmy went home and murdered his family. His farewell speech at the end was hilarious.

retrovertigo3797d ago

Barmy was the reason to watch! I hope he comes back!

jalen2473797d ago

It was actually pretty good. More entertaining than I thought it would be. People should stop hating...its free.