The PC is Still the Best Gaming Platform

While the consoles get all the glory there are plenty of reasons why the PC should still be considered the best gaming platform.

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The Wood4256d ago

ok. Theres been a shift of power. The power now lies with the consoles. Not saying pc gaming is dead im just stating that its not what it was

markfrost4256d ago

Consoles simply make gaming more accessible to those without high end PCs nowadays. And the only reason more publishers are straying from PC is because of the media blow up of a "piracy epidemic" in the industry.

darkmurder4255d ago

Like Jesus Christ Pc gaming will resurrect from the seemingly 'dead' even though its still the best on the market.

pangitkqb4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

It may be more of a Niche market than consoles, but the flexibility of gaming on PC is unmatchable on other platforms.

As owner of a PS3, 360, Wii, iPhone3GS and a powerful gaming PC, no platform gives me as much freedom as the PC. Best graphics? PC. Most user choice over control and gameplay? PC. Highest resolution? PC. Fees to play online? None (excluding MMOs). Longest cycle? PC gaming is over 25 years old now, and even the oldest games are playable on my brand new PC. How is that for backwards compatibility? ;) widest array of digital distribution? PC. I could go on if anyone wants but typing this out on the iPhone at eight in the morning (still in bed) is getting tedious.

And everyone should look at Geralt's list of games below before putting foot in mouth about PC gaming's lineup.

Darkeyes4255d ago

I own a PC and yes I do think it's the best platform. Both my PS3 and PC get equal time... For exclusives, PS3 wins hands down for me, but when it comes to playing majority of the games, I prefer the PC for obvious reasons (price, better graphics, mods...).

And it's really cheap to make a rig that plays 99% of the games (that 1% comprises of Crysis at Very High).Even a cheap card like the 9800GT from Nvidia can run nearly all games currently available on high settings. So people should just stop complaining and game on a PC, the advantages are awesome (play 90% 360 exclusives and multi-plats at 2wice the resolution of the console counterparts).

No matter what anyone says, PC will remain my favorite plaform even though I am a PS3 fan. Customization trumps any console.

DeadlyFire4255d ago

PC will rule again soon. PC games have been getting pushed around. They are still getting bought. It is clear that digital platforms are growing. There are up to 5 digital distribution PC platforms and a few more coming as well as OnLive, GaiKai, OTOY, iConsole, and whatever cloud platforms. Piracy and High End games that many fear being able to not keep up with are the main two problems the media has throw out there to scare people away from the platform as well as Retail outlets hiding the PC selection of games in remote areas away from the other platforms.

champ214255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Dont be deluded by the consoles 300$ price tag. Thats the only thing cheap about it.

Later on consoles are very costly in comparison to PC and perform no where close to the PC.

ATi_Elite4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

The PC isn't dead or dying there is no power shift from PC to console and in reality the PC is the same. So far out in front of the console that you may think the console is huge right now but in reality you just can't understand how great the PC is.

PC gaming is the best and will always be the best. This console generation in reality hasn't done the numbers that Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis did ( 50 million and 41 million) especially with the round the clock advertising.

The PC rarely advertises it's games on TV so you don't here about it so the BUZZ isn't that big. The BUZZ THe Hype is why people think consoles are on top right now while the PC quietly continues it's leadership of New technology and best gaming experience.

The Pc is doing things that consoles just can't. Massive Multiplayer Online games are huge right now for the PC and not just World of Warcraft either. EVE AION Planet Calypso (uses real money) LOTR STAR Wars Star Trek and many others have millions of gamers on a server all at once gaming. World of Warcraft alone rivals xboxlive as far as gamers online at any given moment.

Eyefinity is really taking off. Console gamers alway like to say well I can play on my couch and play on the big screen. Well I can too but very shortly with Eyefiniy connecting 6 30" monitors together it will out perform and out do every big screen TV available. Playing games in ULTRA HD 7680x3200 when consoles can barely do HD 1280 x 720

So that's just a few examples of the Superior gaming experience from the quiet leader in video gaming. The exclusive Pc gaming list for 2010 is once again HUGE easily triple that of 360 and double that of PS3. PC games are played for a longer period than console games because of more DLC and more importanly MODS which the console can't do.

2Spock4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

First off to the the title that says "PC is the best gaming platform". Not for me it is not, back in the day i had good times playing PC games. But right now IMO for me console blows the doors off of PC for gaming. I love the no hassle just pop in and play and being able to chat at anytime or with anyone i want. Connect you and your friends much better than any PC can do. Dont have to set up a server for teamspeak or pay for fee's for one or whatever. See my friends online click his name and click join session in progress, can't get any easier than that. I can sit in front of 120 screen and relax and kick back on the couch and play with controller in hand. Now i can hook my PC up to my projector, but i have yet found a way to play with a mouse and keyboard comfortable while i am kicked back and relaxed on my couch. Dont have to worry about why this game or that game is locking up or having video issues and go look for patches or update drivers etc. I haven't updated my MB or video card drivers in over 2 years, and i could care less too as long as my comp works with my basic needs. And leave my gaming to my consoles.

To the guy above me
"Eyefinity is really taking off. Console gamers alway like to say well I can play on my couch and play on the big screen. Well I can too but very shortly with Eyefiniy connecting 6 30" monitors together it will out perform and out do every big screen TV available. Playing games in ULTRA HD 7680x3200 when consoles can barely do HD 1280 x 720"

ROFL man this is some funny stuff.And how much does that cost? Thought so. I am sorry but i cant stand having my screen split into 6 separate sections. I have 3 24' dell monitors now i cant stand gaming on due to the separations much less having 6. Works well for photoshop though which is what i use it for.

JsonHenry4255d ago

It has always been a better platform. Albeit not always the cheapest, but that does not keep it from being the best.

Just because ford sells more mustangs than GT40s DOES NOT make the mustang the faster/better car just because of market saturation.

zagibu4255d ago

@2Spock: you are essentially describing steam, except with steam, you don't even have to put a disc in, you just dbl-click the game you feel like playing. What I sometimes do is have a single-player game open in the background (yeah, PC can run two games at once), while waiting for ppl to join in MP games, or during downtimes, when I'm waiting for a round to end, etc., so I just hit ctrl+esc and play some Singleplayer, and when I get a message from a pal that next round is starting, switch over to the other game and continue...

Rainstorm814255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Is that why the top 5 rated games on PC last year were ALL on console? This is why Crysis is coming to consoles. Gaming Consoles are more marketable for Gaming. They are built for specfically for that task. No one cares to play a game in Bagilion 80p if your choices are limited. Games like Uncharted 2, Alan Wake, God of War 3, and Final Fantasy XIII being console exclusives hurt PC in terms of variety.

PC is great for MMOs and RTS. Consoles own everything else.

For Example Mass Effect 2 is on PC yet a large majority of marketing (95%) is for the Xbox360. Im sure ME2 sales reflect this as well. Halo 3 has out performed any PC FPS ever and PC spawned the genre.

Then PC gamers have to cling to the oldest titles Half Life, World of Warcraft and Crysis and new versions arent made in years (5-10). 1 thing I do give credit to is that the Mods make it worth it.

Things are shifting in favor of consoles.

Pandamobile4255d ago

Half-Life 2 has sold almost double that of Halo 3...

Half-Life 2 sold about 8 million at retail, and more double that on Steam.

evrfighter4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

I will admit for about a week I thought that consoles were going to take over. But then I was bored one day and started messin around with my eyefinity settings with my 2 24" 1080p monitors. When I got to experimenting with nba2k10, cs source, cod4...I realized eyefinity was the greatest thing to grace gaming this decade.

I really do need another monitor for fps games (the bezels of the monitor get in the way of the crosshair). So I'll definately be hooking up my old 19" viewsonic vx922 into this eyefinity setup. Words are hard to describe the amount of immersion you feel when your literally turning your head left and right and realize you're still "in the game".

pc gaming has just ascended into yet another level that console gamers could only dream of. PC gaming has reached pure bliss. Mechwarrior 5 in eyefinity will be perfection.

"That meant upgrade time! As a geek this is an exciting time where I get to spend hours looking at Newegg, reading reviews and checking the hardware charts at The price wasn't going to be cheap but if I get three years out of this setup its more than worth it."

I really can relate to this part of the article as upgrade time makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I love upgrade time (disclaimer: this is a hobby of mine, as I am a pc enthusiast. I do it because its fun and I have the money to do it. Only a select few here at N4G would understand this)

2spocks comment made me lawl
". But right now IMO for me console blows the doors off of PC for gaming. I love the no hassle just pop in and play and being able to chat at anytime or with anyone i want. Connect you and your friends much better than any PC can do. Dont have to set up a server for teamspeak or pay for fee's for one or whatever. See my friends online click his name and click join session in progress, can't get any easier than that."

I can do the same and even join a game in progress without having to switch out ancient, space wasting cd/dvd/blu-ray. I could even talk to my friends without having to listen to all the tweenies cry when they get destroyed by us. Though I do enjoy it on the 360. I use the xim360 and so when I go 35or40 and 1 with my mouse and keyboard. It's always fun to hear everyone crying afterwards.

CBaoth4254d ago (Edited 4254d ago )

wow so you hook up your keyboard to kill teenagers using a standard controller on the 360, to hear'em cry afterwards? Seriously, who's the REAL loser?...the people on this site sometimes...

evrfighter4254d ago

ya thats pretty much it.

u mad?

FragGen4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

Consoles power and GFX have hit the point where the pull of the couch, wireless controllers, big screen TV, and home theater surround sound usually win out over that extra bit of GFX performance and mouse/KB control for me and my family.

I still buy some titles for PC because of it but 3 or four people don't fit in my computer room, there's no couch, the screen is small, so the game has to be a non-social type (FPS/RTS/MMO/RPG) and sometimes the games do not even work right or perform well unless messed around with due to the myriad of hardware/OS/driver issues surrounding an open platform.

The PC rules... from the grave.

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Kamikaze1354256d ago

But barely get any exclusive titles worth mentioning, let alone the multiplatform titles on consoles. Also, PC games don't sell well at all so it's only a matter of time before most developers start dropping PC support.

pippoppow4255d ago

Too much money generated to even consider dropping support.

Al Bundy4256d ago

Oh yeah, what are the great games that can ONLY be played on the PC?

Geralt4256d ago

Crysis Warhead
Empire: Total War
Eve Online
The Sims 3
Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II
Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery
Football Manager
Men of War
Arma II
Guild Wars
STALKER series
Star Trek Online
World of Warcraft
Age of Conan

Upcoming games that look great?
All Points Bulletin
The Settlers 7
Guild Wars 2
Starcraft 2
Command and Conquer 4
Napoleon: Total War
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Drakensang: The River of Time
Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad
Natural Selection 2
Supreme Commander 2

Want more? I can give more if you want, they're just the ones that I enjoyed personally / am looking forward to the most. And that's not really including the hundreds of awesome indie games out there. ;)

Ares84PS34255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

For example the ones that I know for sure:

Supreme Commander 2

I also heard that the Sims 3 is comming to consoles as well. But for all these games I can name just as many console exclusives.

Plus you don't have to be a tech guru to get the best out of your console and don't have to play around with the settings for an hour before I can actually play a game. :)

PrimordialSoupBase4255d ago

And add to that every Valve game because, despite their genuine efforts to translate it to 360, they are bred to be PC games and are a completely different experience on that platform. Team Fotress 2 on consoles = lol.

gameplayingfool4255d ago

Owned by Geralt's response.

PC gaming is King.

dirthurts4255d ago

But they still wont' be as nice as they are on pc. : )

champ214255d ago

Yea but the console versions dont compare to the pc and PC is much much cheaper.

2Spock4255d ago

Thats a funny list you gave even though some are coming to consoles. But out of all those games there is not a single game you listed that has a great single player experience or even a good one for that matter. And pretty much all of those just have an average multiplayer experience. That just proves the point even further of how bad PC gaming is right now.

zagibu4255d ago

@2Spock: So, you've played all those games and didn't enjoy them? Or how do you know they don't provide "great singleplayer experiences"? And even if you did, how would your opinion prove the point that pc gaming is so bad right now?

FragGen4253d ago (Edited 4253d ago )

The sequels for a lot of these games (ex: Crysis) are being developed for consoles or on consoles first, now. This gives some feel for how things are headed, IMHO.

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Ares84PS34255d ago

Yes PCs capable of best gfx and highly costumizible and there is no need to worry about older games because all should run on the PC but the thing is that a console is way too comfortable and gives you good enough gfx to amaze you.

For example many games on the PS3 just amazed me. Like MGS4, Uncharted 2, Killzone terms of gfx and it's very confrotable to play from the couch watching things go down on a 52" TV!

pangitkqb4255d ago

hooked to 40' plus, 1080p TV's. I play on those PC's with an Xbox 360 controller while I sit on the couch. There is no reason you can't play a PC in the same manner as a console, if you wish.

Ares84PS34255d ago have to play around with EVERY game for 30-60 minutes to get the most out of it from your PC because of the video card...the ram...the processor....

It's just a pain. I used to play on PC's. Never again.

pangitkqb4255d ago

Really, what computer were you using?

I put my game in the computer, put every setting to maximum, and play. Even large games like Fallout 3 with ALL it's DLC installed in less than 15 minutes. hardly the amount of time you are describing.

Controversy4255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

Nobody is trying to force you to play PC, and nobody is trying to say PS3 is somehow stupid. I think Pogibaldy is simply trying to point out that PC gaming can be very straightforward - and played like a console - without the difficulties you are insinuating.

Oh, and it doesn't take an hour to get a game running on PC. That's just not accurate.

Ares84PS34255d ago

I remember I always had to tweak the settings so I can get the most out of my PC with the game I was playing atm and it did take time...especially when I had to restart the game every time I changed something in the settings.

It does take time to get the most out of your PC if you don't have the best out there.

champ214255d ago

3yr old hardware like the 8800gtx maxes out any multiplat game on the pc.

gpus are too powerful now. all you have to do is scroll to max settings and play.

this isnt early 2000 anymore where large leaps in graphics are taking place every other year and new hardware is needed to keep up.

If a 7800gtx on the ps3 can play a certain game, 8800gtx will always out do it and thats a proven fact there isnt one multiplayer game out there the ps3 can run better then a 8800gtx.

2Spock4255d ago

Youre @ss too. I have a 9800 with 4 gig's of ram and dual core Cpu. And i cant even come close to maxing out all games on the PC. I understand you are upset so you are throwing out false information, but at least state something that is remotely believable...OK!

champ214255d ago (Edited 4255d ago )

what game is it you couldnt max out and at what res?

anything asides crysis should run fine @ 1080p 2xaa - 4xaa dependng on game and i can back up my statement by linking you to benchmarks.

here is a link to farcry 2 bench mark, 9800gtx runs the game @ 1080p 50fps(from what i recall both the consoles were running this in sub hd and still hardly managing 30fps), thats way above any console can claim. Farcry 2 being one of the most stressful multiplats out this gen. next time talk facts before making an ass of yourself. i doubt you even own a 9800gtx.

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Sileo4255d ago

Nice list Geralt.

Like you said, there's a lot of indie games also.

Diablo II's another game for that list (you may not have added it, as you did say that those were the ones you were looking forward to most.