Unlock The M1 Garand For Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

CC: Ahh, the M1 Garand: the staple World War II rifle. Its poor rate of fire and clip size is made up for by being very accurate and dealing a lot of damage. But what place does it have in Bad Company 2?

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PhilipLarkin3795d ago

Great weapon - can't wait to pwn noobs with it.

mjolliffe3795d ago

This really is the replacement for Modern Warfare 2 in my life, or any other FPS currently released.

True brilliance, and I wouldn't mind DICE making a new World War II title :)

SpaceSquirrel3795d ago

Pretty cool weapon, as long as you don't have to pay for it.

respawnaction3794d ago

theres Battlefield 1943 that came out last june and is still an awesome experience for the 14.99. its actually only 800 pts on Live this week.

mjolliffe3794d ago

I know :) I had it a few days before release and still love it. I mean something more realistic, and not so arcadic: :)

DelbertGrady3794d ago

I played BF 1943 to death and although I wasn't impressed with the BC 2 multiplayer demo at first it has grown on me. I love the tactical aspects of it. If you play with good squads using vehicles and turrets is a must. There's nothing more satisfying than when your whole team stick together and play strategic. Except for revenge killing a sniper with a knife, that is :)

jjohan353794d ago

I like this gun, but in BC2 I'm sure it will be ammo limited unlike 1943. Given this, I'm not sure how much I'll like it in BC2.

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movements3795d ago

Nice weapon there. I see this trend continuing forever.

Jager3794d ago

"Its poor rate of fire and clip size is made up for by being very accurate and dealing a lot of damage."

I hope they are refering to the game version and not real life... the Garand was revolutionary, the first Mass produced Semi-automatic Rifle, and by far better than other rifles used by the multiple nations during WWII.

Cernunnos3794d ago

It's compared to todays weapons:)

kevco333794d ago

No, I'm done with WWII shooters, stop now DICE.

Elvfam5113794d ago

Its just a unlockable weapon relax yourself lol

perseus3794d ago

You're entitled to your opinion.

However, if DICE is making them, I'll take as many WWII shooters as they can put out, thank you very much.

I no other game can I fly an Me109 to a mountain where I parachute out and steal a Churchill tank and kill three people before I drive a kubelwagon to the airfield and take off in a B-17 to get back to my base again.

iistuii3794d ago

There goes the realistic shooter argument. Give a modern day soldier any WW2 gun over the modern day rifles available now and they'd laugh or cry as it happens.Stupid idea.

peeps3794d ago

"There goes the realistic shooter argument"

has bf ever been a realistic game? lol it's a game about having fun, remember what that is?

leave the realistic gameplay to games like op flashpoint, arma etc

evrfighter3794d ago

battlefield has never ever ever ever ever been considered a realistic shooter.

but of course only battlefield fans would know that

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ASSASSYN 36o3794d ago

I am still wondering why they provide all the capabilities to other weapons but screw the m107 Barret. It is a semi-auto weapon platform. Make it so EA! Not this bolt action crap.

BLuKhaos3794d ago

You stupid cod muppet, the M95 IS a bolt action rifle. The M107 is not the only 50 cal Barrett made.

Cernunnos3794d ago

Well, it helps balancing the game, which a certain other game certainly is not...

Bolt Action = real sniping:p

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