MW2 Multiplayer: Underwhelming Yet Untouchable

TGH Writes:

"The most anticipated game of recent times, Modern Warfare 2 dominated all videogame news regardless of how little or significant the tidbits of released information were. The very intriguing enigmas left from the teaser trailer welcomed the passengers onboard the hype train which seemingly didn't make any stops until the launch on November 10th. As a rule of thumb, hype is the bane of all videogame developers. Yes, it offers unprecedented coverage and anticipation for your titles, but the scrutiny from even the most die-hard fans of the genre and series is intensified such is their expectations of a game blown out of proportion by those same inividuals who are now scrutinising the level of anticipation. "

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Alcon Caper3796d ago

Quite a nice article about the state of MW2.

ShadyDevil3796d ago

Thanks if you feel that way please post on our site and im sure the author would love to hear that himself.

nighmare233796d ago

i dont think so there are 3 fps games i know that will burn this game to the ground.

gijsbrecht3796d ago

That's the key sentence in this 'article', I think. As far as the arcady feeling goes, MW2 indeed is untouchable. But that's about it. There are other shooters that are infinitely more satisfying.

nighmare233796d ago

and dont forget "UNPLAYABLE"

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