The Best and the Worst of Dragon Ball Z Video Games

Fergus Mills of the Koalition writes: If I had to come up with a few things that defined my teen years, it would be playing video games and watching Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball opened the doors to the world of anime for a lot of people who only knew about cartoons and Power Rangers. The high pace action and the music in DBZ was enough to keep people coming back for more and more. The only thing that was missing from the early DBZ experience were worldwide video games releases. All that changed though when Dragon Ball Z Budokai first hit the PS2. No matter how lame the game actually was, it had been what everyone was waiting for. Now let's fast forward 8 years later.

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snowb4204103d ago

I miss playing the Budokai games on PS2. All the DBZ games this gen have been a major step back in my opinion.

gunnerforlife4103d ago

DBZ Budokai 3<<<< greatest DBZ Game of all time... o literally spent over 100 hours on it :) 2 addictive...

George Sears4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

I think the best DBZ game has to be Shin Budokai: Another Road for the PSP. It had better control than Budokai 3, was more action orientaded thanks to the new aura burst feature and it had an awesome totally fresh original story about Future Trunks made just for the game.

Shnazzyone4102d ago

For me the best DBZ titles were the DBZ Budokai 1... best storytelling for a dbz game i ever saw. Plus the fighting system was really solid.

Legacy of goku 2 on GBA was also a great RPG that really did the show justice.

The DBZ budokai tencaichi 3 was actually best on wii since it really made the fights feel so much more intense... it's just a shame the online was so horrifically broken in that title. Otherwise the concept of switching to the enemies perception for battles where heroes lost was great fun.