DC Universe Online Gets Release Time-frame

DC Universe Online, the PS3/PC MMO, has been given a slightly more exact date than TBA 2010 by the DC executives.

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NYC_Gamer3800d ago

i really hope this game turns out worth buying...

gaffyh3800d ago

I'm not really an MMO guy, but it will be interesting to see how they tell a story in such a game, because it would be a lot easier in a single player game.

RememberThe3573799d ago

But I am really interested in this. I remember playing City of Heros with one of my friends and thinking how cool it was to be a super hero. I'm hoping this will be a similar experience.

Greywulf3799d ago

Ah, maybe PS3 media sites know the difference.


Sonyslave33800d ago

Please let superman prime be in this game.

Pennywise3800d ago

No heat at all... HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is the first PS3 MMO. This is BIG news.

Overmars3799d ago

Strange indeed. Anyway, I wonder how big the gameworld is gonna be. Will it be exactly the same on both PC and PS3? How are the hero classes categorized? I wish they gave out more details about this game.

labaronx3800d ago

everything looks okay so far my only wish-list is...

1.big dc story arcs... possibly as expansions. it would be very cool to have your characters go thru big dc events like: crisis of infinite earth, the death and return of superman, final crisis, and my new favorite blackest night


Karlnag33800d ago

the most sense that I have seen here in months. My wish list only consisted of "Champions Online but good." but then I read that. They should do that ^^^.

Brodiesan3799d ago

The producers have said in the past that the game WILL have major story arcs that will affect everyone in the world. I'll try and dig out the URL. It's old though. Like, this was said about a year ago.

herukuti3799d ago

if the game dosent have comic books story line event arcs then it will be a failure

nefertis3800d ago

finally some news about this game. I hope they are doing a beta. Playb3yond

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The story is too old to be commented.