PSP to See 'Big, Big Titles' This Year, Promises Sony

SCEA Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer talks about the state of the PSP business and how Sony's addressing it. "I think we had a great lineup last year. The biggest problem that plagued PSP was piracy; we have not been able to slow that down. We think we have some answers going forward, but we're not ready to talk about that publicly at this point. So we're working on fixing that, because that's been a big problem. Publishers, when they put out good games, are not getting the same sales results that they got a few years back. So piracy's been a big issue and we're working on that very diligently to bring about some solutions," he said.

Dyer continued, "That said, we still have a very robust lineup this year from third parties on the PSP, starting with Metal Gear Peace Walker. I won't go through the whole lineup because I want our third-party partners to make those announcements, but there are some big, big titles coming out this year and you'll see those announcements at GDC, DPS (Destination PlayStation) or E3. We're into the sixth year now on the platform, and that's a long time for a handheld. I think given where we're at right now, we're doing very, very well. But yes, the business has had problems and I think it all stems, candidly, from the piracy."

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D4RkNIKON3795d ago

Bring on PSP2! My PSP is a brick, I never play it anymore. I would like a GO but I have a feeling that within a years time a second generation PSP will release. (Hope it won't be a 5th version of the first gen....)

PirateThom3795d ago

Needs more 2D platformers.

3795d ago
lightningsax3795d ago

Thom, that's a must. Awesome game, and also pretty hilarious.

PirateThom3795d ago

I'll check it out.

I've been playing Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?, N+ and Maverick Hunter X recently. Prinny is really cool, it made me want to play more 2D platformers on PSP

Chris3993795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

I'd reccomend that. Gurumin is a brilliant platformer as well (but it's 3D); funny as Hell too. PSP has lots of great titles. Especially RPGs and niche stuff.

snakebite363795d ago

Half-minute Hero is also good.

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saimcheeda3795d ago

PSP is suffering, give me some AAA games on the system!

sabestar3795d ago

They need GTA San Andreas Stories if they really want big big titles. MGS Peace Walker is obviously going to be big as well.

ThanatosDMC3794d ago

Actually, that's quite possible now since developers dont need to worry about how big the games are now. They're not restricted to the UMD size anymore but they have to upload it to PSN. San Andreas would be so awesome!

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