Eye of Judgement Update - 18 New Screens, Details

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Japan Studio, The Eye of Judgment presents a new style of gameplay where collectable trading cards, embedded with a CyberCode, are brought to life in the 3D game through use of the innovative Playstation Eye.

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Syko4130d ago

This game does peak my interest however I still have a few major questions. Back in the day I was a huge MTG player and liked the fact that there was endless possibilities and with new expansions it always kept the game fresh.

Problem\Question 1 - With only 110 cards total eventually a "Power build" will end up being the only deck playable on-line.

Problem\Question 2 - How much will these "Booster" packs cost? Plus as in MTG if a card appears and is severly overpowered this card is going to cost upwards of $50.

Problem\Question 3 - Will this be an ongoing expansion type card game?

boi4130d ago

lol u should go E3 and qs them with these qs...:)

i doubt any1 her eknows...but u b getin fanboys start flamin it or hypin it lol

TriggerHappy4130d ago

E3, either go there, or just wait till somone who goes there ask that question or something related to it.

Ebay3rd4130d ago

It does look interesting, but there are still a few details that I will have to wait on, b4 making a decission on it...

Syko4130d ago

Wasn't really lookin for people to flame or hype. Just think things like this can easily ruin a game like this. Like I said even in Magic the Gathering which has been around since the early 90's they still overlook a 2-3 card combo or make a card that is so overpowered they eventually ban it from tournament play. And if this is the first go round they are bound to make some uber powerful cards that will ruin the game for the rest of the time as dumbass little kids who have this card will never stop using it, And to buy this card will cost you more than the original game. But in all honesty I love games like this and this could make me pick up a PS3, but I will see what kind of problems it has first. But I will go out and buy booster packs before tsome cards go up in value =)

boi4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

well to me its a great idea but i guess have to wait and see...kool concept tho and hey if it turns out good we mite end up facing each othe rlol

Merovee4130d ago

And it is a great Idea. Instead of needing to release new sequals it can just be continually updated to reflect the expansions to the CCG.

LeShin4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

I've been awaiting news about this game ever since it's first announcement. The funny thing is, the only card battle sort of game that I've ever played was Top Trumps.....and that was about 13 years ago lol. But I will buy this as it seems like a brilliant idea. Like one of the above posters said. I hope the booster packs don't cost a bomb.

Another point, If you can play someone on-line, how can you stop the other person cheating?

VirusE4130d ago

I also was a huge magic player way back in the day which has me extremely interested in this game. On a side note thinking about magic makes me feel old! I played so long ago that I sold my 5 moxes for only 400 bucks (kicking myself on that one) and my lotus for 150! Anyway I think this game is an awesome idea but syko bring up a very good point. Before revised edition came out you had like 32 cards in your deck that every other good player had; Timewalk, ancestral recall, 4 howling mines, timetwister, 5 moxes, black lotus, channel, a ton of dual lands, a time valt, 2 or 3 icy manipulators (for the mines), counterspell and a few others. It ended up become all about who got the lotus on the first turn. I can so see this going the same way.

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