Microsoft now receiving 2,500 broken 360s per day in UK alone?

Microsoft's UK repair centre in Havant is now redistributing faulty consoles to foreign repair centres in order to clear an overwhelming backlog and keep up with the 1,500 to 2,500 Xbox 360s arriving at its doors on a daily basis, according to customer reports.

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SuperSaiyan44135d ago

I very much doubt its that many a day if it was then there would be a serious problem i.e. a Recall would have to be issued.

crck4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

may endanger people's lives. Not for low quality junk.

WafflesID4135d ago

I still don't see WHERE they got that number from.

They don't cite a single source that points to that number.

SaturnTo4135d ago

If it were this high, could Microsoft really keep it quite? But all this talk of failure rates make me really nervous. My Warranty ends November of this year. I hope I never experience the red ring. My Xbox stands vertical on a server so it has no air restriction at all. So it better not croak, Oh please don't croak.

Vavoom4135d ago

I truly believe that this is just another viral lie probable initiated by someone on sony's payroll. Anyone who owns a 360 that had to get it repaired know that they issue replacement units. They don't repair it and return it. I know 4 people that had to send theirs in for repairs and all of then got a different unit back.

"Sent to prague" for repairs so now he had to wait, what a bunch of BULLSH!T! Why do people just lie for the sake of promoting their agenda. If I wanted to I could create a couple of BS videos and blogs and say that my PS3 is broken. Change locations and do it again as a different person. Then wait for flamewar to start on this site (Because I know some xbot would find it and post on this site.) I wouldn't do it because I think it's stupid to do.

I have a friend that reads this site (you know who you are man..hahaha) That hates M$ soooo much, that he as asked me to borrow my 360 so that he can create a fake video to support the cause. I told him to KMA, although we're partners, that was some weak sh!t.

Anyway, this site is going to hell in a hand basket because the HATE is getting out of control. Morals and Values are gone forever. And I'm talking to both sides of the Flamewar!

thewhoopimen4135d ago

Vavoom... not to take on any sides on the flamewar... but take some time to think about your posting...

"Anyone who owns a 360 that had to get it repaired know that they issue replacement units. They don't repair it and return it."

no s*** but where do you think they get their replacement units?
From repaired units??? >_<

What this article is saying if you took the time to read the lines instead of getting all crazy defensive is that the number of people who need replacement xbox360 units greatly outnumber the replacement the units available... hence the wait time. Not b/c they repair and return it...nobody does that anymore...especially with mass production products like an xbox360. Take a business course geez. What this article is also saying is that the repair centres are getting more defective units back than they can handle... hence the outsourcing or distributing of units to other centers. The wait time is difference between ppl who are waiting for replacement units vs. available repaired units.

Firewire4135d ago

I see the little xbots are in denial again!
MS keeps spewing the lies! 3% bullcrap!
And you little xbots keep feeding them money, for shame!
Grow up and demand satisfaction! You spent $400 on garbage!
If you keep defending the liars, you become one yourself!
For shame xbots for shame!

Machety4135d ago

If this numba is anywhere close to accurate, I will sell my Xbox 360 before it runs out on me. Thank God, I have a PS3 to fallback on after I sell my 360. Thats a shame that someone bought something for $300/400, and it's just going to break down on at anytime. After I read this evertime I turn on my 360 I keep my fingers cross. lol

blackdragon874135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

man the only thing ima say is i have like 100 ppl on my friends list and on my list alone...atleast 50 of them has had their xbox die on them ok ..and thats not including how many times for each person..ok thats MY LIST u take that and do that math for eeeeeeeveryones live lists! that has xbox's and has had friends on their list break down on em! i believe those numbers..only bc me myself am on my 4th

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Saint Sony4135d ago (Edited 4135d ago )

I bet they play Rugby with their 360s in UK ;)

@BS68280, stop being blind?.. I am not blind, I have launch day console that works like a charm. Should I scream out loud in distress even if I don't have any problems with my 360? I assume you did not notice my ";)" smiley in the end of my comment. It means pretty much that I'm kidding.

BS682804135d ago

Xbots need to stop acting like there is no problem and that it is all made up. All the failures aren't from user errors or poor ventilation. I brought mine home the day it came out, and after waiting in a line for 10hrs to buy it I got home and got the red rings the first time I turned it on. I think it is a very faulty POS hardware but I love some of the games that are on it (Halo 3). I had a problem with my PS2 which i bought on launch day, but it lasted me 3 years before i had a problem, and it was then fixed for FREE. MS needs to do something about this.

BS682804135d ago

@Wurwag I am sorry it came off like i was talking to you. I actually thought your post was pretty funny and didn't intend to have my post right there. That was my first post and i did not know that if you hit reply it puts it directly under the person (the other forums I use don't do it like that). Sorry about that.

Odion4135d ago

ding ding ding logic for the win

PS360WII4135d ago

that's a big number/day. No hard evidence to support but least some are trying to find out what's up. Also why do they care where the console goes to get fixed as long as it gets fixed?