IncGamers Column: 2010: Year of the Sandbox

IncGamers' Andy Alderson looks at some of the biggest open world titles due for release this year and discusses why 2010 may well be the Year of the Sandbox.

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thetamer3791d ago

It is a year for the sandbox. I'm looking forward to Red Dead Redemption and Just Cause 2. Crackdwon 2 will be fun, still not convinced by Mafia II...

Fyzzu3791d ago

Heh. Exactly the opposite to me, then. I'm sure Crackdown will be fun, Red Dead Redemption intrigues me, and Just Cause 2 looks like silly entertainment, but it's Mafia and LA Noire that look to have meat on their bones.

Leord3791d ago

Reall, I think Mafia 2 seems sweet...

BeaArthur3791d ago

I think Mafia 2 sounds awesome, but I am concerned as to how open world it will be. It sounds like it is pretty linear and I haven't heard a lot about side quests. Also I am curious about Crackdown 2, L.A. Noire and Red Dead Redemption. I have no interest in Just Cause 2, wasn't impressed by the first one at all.

Akagi3791d ago

I believe Mafia does not have a day/night cycle.

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Fyzzu3791d ago

Ahaha. "Desolate plain of misery," indeed.

LA Noire's the one I'm most hyped about there, although Mafia 2 is a close second. I guess I prefer the more realistic open-world stuff.

AndyA3791d ago

Yeah, have a feeling both will be pretty atmospheric if done right. Really like the idea of cruising around the LA that inspired Raymond Chandler though.

Leord3791d ago

Year of the Sandbox indeed.

Basil-Rathboner3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Looking forward to Red Dead Redemption it reminds me of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Sorry i meant to say --- "The good the bad and the ugly.'

Kastanaras3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

First Mafia was such a great game really looking forward to the sequel. Have the feeling LA Noire won't come out this year but if it does just another game to add to my list.