The Bourne Conspiracy game announced with first screens

Vivendi division Sierra have today announced a new official game based on The Bourne Supremacy espionage flick, starring Matt Damon, which is due out later this summer. The game has been confirmed for release in summer 2008 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and is being developed by High Moon Studios.

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Odion4227d ago

hrrmmm this was one of the games that was supose to be in the MS conference, could there be some legitimacy to that list now?

MK_Red4227d ago

Kool but shouldn't they make a game for upcoming The Bourne Ultimatum OR at least make a game for original and first book, Bourne Identity?

Siesser4227d ago

Please, follow the books, not the movies. I'm a huge Ludlum fan (have over 30 of his books), and although I can appreciate the movies on their own merit, they COMPLETELY change things; and I don't mean in the usual acceptable "cinematic translation" way. I mean in Bourne Identity, his former boss... isn't supposed to die. He actually becomes his best friend save for Marie, and is in every book. Speaking of Marie, in the second book... she doesn't die either! She's in all 3. Now, killing off two of the books' three biggest characters seems like a major overhaul in story, to me.

Schmitty074227d ago

I have read a lot of Ludlum's books. I actually saw the movies first and then decided to read the books, and I was totally confused.

Systematrix4227d ago

Is that supposed to look like Matt Damon? Because it doesn't.

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