Sony Develops Universal Game Controller, Compatible With Xbox 360/Wii

Giants never sleep, they can't afford to; competition is too stiff and so one always must keep pushing the envelop to stay ahead. Sony is no exception, and in an attempt to stave off it's competitors in the gaming industry, the company from the land of the rising sun is reportedly working on a universal controller; capable of being used with Xbox 360 and Nintendo.

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Mr_Bun3791d ago

The only problem I see with this is the potential price tag...It is already 60 bucks for a regular controller

hay3791d ago

It's awesome idea actually. A bit late to the party but still.
I'd just share four pads for PS3 and XBox instead of having 8. It's da bomb IMO.

gaffyh3791d ago

Good idea, MS should do one too imo. I'd love to use a PS3-style controller on 360, and especially the Wii for a lot of games. And I would love to use the 360 controller on some FPS games on PS3.

It's a win-win for the consumer.

Nineball21123791d ago

@ Mr. Bun

But wouldn't you potentially make the extra money back by the savings from not buying batteries for the other controllers?

Having said that, there does definitely seem to be ppl who much prefer the design of the Xbox controller vs. the PS3 controller and vice-versa.

sikbeta3791d ago

This a Great Idea, imagine:

Sony Controller ala Dualshock with LCD Touch screen for every Console = A Must Buy

Mr_Bun3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Not really...I have the rechargeable packs for the 360 controller so there wouldn't be any money saved on batteries.

The other problem is that I already own 3 DualShocks (technically 2 sixaxis and 1 DualShock) along with 2 360 controllers. It would be able to clean up my entertainment centre though.

I do like the idea of having 1 controller for both systems....I just wish MS had moved the f*cking "X" button to the same location as the would be cool if the LCD let you map the buttons...To me, that alone is worth the money

D4RkNIKON3791d ago

Definitely a great idea. Instead of spending so much money on controllers for all of your consoles, you can buy GAMES!

mastiffchild3791d ago

My techy mate , as I've said before, managed to get sixaxis and everything else from the inside of a DS3 working in a 360 pads skin because he much prefers the 360 pad for his sausage fingers when playing a lot of games and wanted one for his PS3. He did the reverse for another one of my mates with the leftover parts from the process too as, like myself, he much prefers the DS3.

Point is that, and those adaptors you can get show there's a desire for this kind of thing and I'd buy one for use on my 360 AND for using instead of my GC controller for the odd Wii game that uses them. I seriously, buy all my multiplats for my PS3, however, so would Sony actually be shooting themselves in the foot? This might mean more people buy the other console too-maybe they didn't get the 360 because of the controller but would now they can use their DS3? Better performing multiplats, even for me, on the 360 would now be more of a possibility and more interesting to me(not that the difference is EVER worth bothering with 99% of the time)and Sony might well sell more pads but would they lose on future software sales?

As a gamer you couldn't moan about what Sony are doing-it's better for us as it's more choice-but better for Sony? IDK that much.

likedamaster3791d ago

Not a bad idea actually, I'd buy one... for the same reasons Gaffyh would.

bloop3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

How did your friend get the 360 controller open and back together?? The reason I'm asking is, after many years of service I stepped on one of my controllers (wearing my steel toe working boots of course) and the case came apart. I cant get any of the screws out because they actually have studs in the top so I can't get a screwdriver into them to try and get the thing back together!!

On topic, if they changed the position of the left stick with the d-pad and made concave triggers, I'd buy.

Megaton3791d ago

Would make fighting games playable on the 360, finally.

/exaggeration... barely.

SilentNegotiator3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Cool. You know, because my HANDS are symmetrical.
My left thumb isn't 3 inches higher on my left hand than my right.

TengkuAmir103791d ago

I want to play my 360 controller on ma PS3!! How is that possible guys? I just love the RT and LT triggers more than i like the R2 and L2 button on ma PS3.

shadow27973791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Good idea, poor implementation. A touch screen LCD will never work as well as buttons. Anyone who's played an iPhone game that tries to mimic buttons would know this.

Games require you to play without looking at the controller, if you have a flat screen for multiple buttons, you'll probably have trouble "finding" the one you mean to press.

Granted, I maybe be misunderstanding, but judging by the description, I think the LCD is meant to replace most of the actual buttons (besides the triggers).

What would be smarter is to have each button backlit by an LCD screen (whether you have one huge screen or many small ones would depend on whatever is easiest/cost efficient). The buttons wouldn't change, but what's displayed through the clear button would.

This would also allow it to be completely customizable, though you'd probably have to do it by hooking it up to a computer.

There you go, physical buttons but a changing layout (ABXY or [ ] X /\ O). You're welcome, Sony.

Maddens Raiders3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

they weren't joking: welcome change.... for real.

Sarick3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I couldn't find this Tech but wow this would be something I'd patent by all means.

What if an "Embossing LED color touch screen" was on the market. Take a look at this image. This is a Touch Sense camera. Just think if that screen was a full color LED touch screen as well. The screen itself could create buttons on top of the surface so the user could both see and feel the image. So if the LED screen drew digital buttons on it that part of the screen would be slightly embossed.

This would definitely bring universal touch screens to the next level. How would it work? Well if the LEDs on the screen where turned on for any color but black the surface would emboss itself enough to be detected by the fingers. All while maintaining a decent low detail image.

I think it's possible to do with todays technology. It'd be expensive but think of the applications.

champ213790d ago

I used to use the 360 controller on the PC (wired). Later on i tried the ps3 controller, Id say both are good. However i prefer the PS3 controller.

Hence i use motionjoy to wirelessly connect DS3 to PC.

PC's muscle along with DS3 feels like playing adventure games on a super overpowered ps3.

madmonkey03790d ago


you need to use a t8 driver to open the screws on the bad.

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fishd3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

This makes zero sense
This is a useless patent since all other controller layouts are trademarked.o.O

But it is a patent by Sony and not SCE so it can be a thirdparty peripheral,who knows.Know it just made sense,lol

and there are no buttons(?),well that just blows

movements3791d ago

You're judging too early bro : )

Give it a chance to breathe.

Christopher3791d ago

Just to note, button layouts are not trademarked, only the overall designs are. Otherwise Sony would have been able to take Microsoft to court for button placement.

As far as this patent, it doesn't mimic design, it recognizes the system in use and adds/removes and displays a graphical representation of the appropriate buttons (ABXY instead of x, circle, triangle, square, etc.) based on the system. So, it mimics functionality.

byeGollum3791d ago

I prefer the dualshock over any other, If I can use the dual shock on my 360, I'm a happy man.

movements3791d ago

This could also be a test for the PS4 controller.

You never know.

gameseveryday3791d ago

I am done with enough controller innovations. I wanna see some real revolution in gameplay.

Echo3073791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

That would be nice.