Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – New tech info about the DX11 game

PCGH interviewed Anders Gyllenberg, producer of the Bad Company 2 PC version. He told them that the game supports DX9, DX 10 and DX 11 and receives a performance benefit in DirectX 11 while the DirectX rendering path misses some visual features. Bad Company 2 will also support Nvidia 3D Vision and AMD Eyefinity.

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Letros3791d ago

The DX11 lineup is shaping up strong, BC2 HBAO really adds to the realism, I can see this game selling a lot of Radeon 5800's with GTX 4XX nowhere in sight.

rawrockkillz3791d ago

I have a Radeon 5750 right now cause my Nvidia 8800gtx died and that was the highest graphics card I could find in my area. I'm thinking about getting a 5800 series card here eventually.