Insomniac Games PS3 Q&A

Ign sat down with Ted Price to chat about Insomniac's new FPS for the PS3, "Resistence:Fall of Man" in this new Q&A.

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Asuka5489d ago

the second word was suppose to "sat" or "sits"

Asuka5489d ago

i said "FAQ" when i meant "Q&A"

this is my first news post sooooo....yeah

OutLaw5488d ago

I have seen the game on G4TV and it does look promising. As for the interview with IGN. Well I don't know if anybody knows this but IGN is going to help Sony with their online for the PS3. So reading a five page interview seems a little too much for me. Maybe if it was three pages I wouldn't feel they're bias. But like I said the game shows promise.

VirtualGamer5488d ago (Edited 5488d ago )

you can say a PS3 exclusive game looks good.
However stating that IGN is obviously bias towards Sony because they are helping Sony with thier online service for the PS3 ( I would love to see some links to support that ) is a bit weak since IGN is also working with DIRECTV and Microsoft to bring about the Championship Gaming Series in 2007 which does not include Sony.

OutLaw5488d ago

But you ask and you shell receive. Here is that info about ign and sony.

achira5488d ago

then welcome to the ps3 section

OutLaw5488d ago

There is no sections we are all here together so write something about the game or don't post. Here it is a third time, I love all games.

zinnia5488d ago (Edited 5488d ago )

I thought PS fans hated FPS. Looks like Doom but outside nothing speical here. PFSs need to stay with Xbox.

MISSY E5488d ago

It does seem dark and bland compared to 360 style fps

THE TRUTH5488d ago

its not that we hate FPS we just dont want to be force-fed FPS after FPS we like racing games GT series a story driven FPS MGS series platformers ect ect ect

achira5487d ago

i have never seen a such dark game like gears of war, so stop complain, its by far not dark!

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