Harvest Moon Gets Played Alot Says Nintendo

BeefJack writes: "It seems one of the most played games on the Wii isn't from Nintendo, according to the companies own Wii Channel.

Natsume's popular Harvest Moon series is entering its 12th year this year and with that comes the news that the average will player has logged 49 hours with Wii iteration Tree Of Tranquility. That totals out to 1, 762, 252 hours played by all Nintendo Channel Users."

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-Alpha3161d ago

Waiting for a new game on the PSN or something-- though lately, they've gotten bad reviews. Their best ones are on the GBA, and one or two on the PS2.

I love the game, it's really charming and quite fun.

PooEgg3161d ago

I love the Harvest Moon series, it is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I am such a sucker because I keep buying every Harvest Moon game that comes out, but they are often so alike with only the smallest changes to their formula.

ClownBelt3161d ago

I love the one on the PS2. I never thoughtit was going to be a fun game. Lmao.

Hope one gets announce for the PS3.

Alcon Caper3161d ago

I lost a lot of study time playing that thing on my PS2. It just takes so much time to water the plants, milk the cow, put the chickens out, give a present to my sweetie, cut the lawn, dig up potatoes, train the dog, buy some grain, make a pie, and sleep.

But god I loved that game.

PooEgg3161d ago

My first Harvest Moon was on PSOne, and I actually think it is my favorite version.

ThanatosDMC3161d ago

There's just something about Harvest Moon that sucks you up... I normally dont play such games.

Redempteur3161d ago

the only thing that really bother when i play harvest moon is ... witch wife should i pick ?

a deep question i know ....

supersonicsaga3161d ago

I always go for the tomboy or flower girl! I'm just set in my ways since playing the SNES version.

na-no-nai3161d ago

i havent played a harvest moon games since the gamecube
its very fun

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The story is too old to be commented.