Final Fantasy XIII Promises Over 60 Hours Of Fun

Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy XIII is, of course, going to be one big, long game. I expect that, you expect that. Now, Square Enix is giving us a number.

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Bumpmapping3795d ago

360 version promises 60 hours of compressed visuals,audio,576p resolution long with frame rate dips and massive screen tearing during battles :)

nefertis3794d ago

LMAO bubbles to u. Playb3yond

3794d ago
Udidntlistenpunk3793d ago

Better go betaplay Mass Effect 2 for us, bots. We want the game bug and glitchfree on the PS3.

Agent Smith3795d ago

First 30 hours is a straight line. Seriously.

SaiyanFury3794d ago

I have to agree. I was on the side about FF13 for a long time. There was too much uncertainty about it for me to give it serious interest in it. Then I learned it was nearly completely linear akin to FFX, which was one of the things about X that I really didn't care for. I'll keep an eye on the game in the near future, but I won't commit to a purchase. Lord knows I've got a ton of other Japanese properties coming out that interest me more on a personal level. Star Ocean 4 is proving to be the awesome game I had hoped it would be. And Yakuza 3 coming out in 2 or so weeks also has me salivating.

Exploration is something I look for in RPGs, both western and eastern. Even Dragon Age has a large map in which you can explore towns and interact with various characters and NPCs. For a linear game with no towns to explore, FF13 presents me with less reasons to anticipate it. I was a huge FF fan on the original PS, and on the PS2, FF12 was great for me because it felt like Final Fantasy Tactics in pure RPG form. I'm not calling FF13 a bad game, and for those that get it day 1, I really hope you guys enjoy it, I truly do. It simply won't be a day one buy for me.

GameGambits3794d ago

I spent 120 hours on it total. 3 trophies away from platinum(One was to complete chapter 11 and it never gave it to me. Trophies were bugged in Japanese version so that really ticked me off and made me stop going for platinum)

Great game. Solid 9/10---if you liked FFX you will like 13.

Marceles3794d ago

Yeah some people had bugged trophies because they installed the FF13 themes before platinuming the game. It took me over 100+ hours to platinum, but it does get more fun when you beat the game. The main story is too easy compared to the missions.

coolfool3794d ago

That isn't bad. Usually games that claim 60 hours include random exploration time. But as this game is linear, according to you guys, then that means most of this time is plot/main story driven which must mean that that this main story is huge!

Is my logic wrong?

I really like story driven games so I will probably really get on with this game.

BlackAvenger73794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I really recommend that u buy Heavy Rain, it has one of the best stories I've ever played, and every choice u make will make a major change in the outcome of the story..

On topic: Im not a JRPG fan, but finally some good news about FF13 :)

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Myst3795d ago

The title alone makes me think that there should be some smiling emoticon right after it.

In any event, will make sure that this will be one of my next platinums' so if it stretches beyond 60 that's good, if not and is roughly around 60 that's also good. College will supply me with a lot of work to take time so it won't be like I'm playing it every day anyway.

Noctis Aftermath3795d ago

I've been told that it takes 120+ hours to platinum.
That was by someone who had platinum'd the JP version.

Myst3795d ago

120+ hours? Oh jeez...I guess I'd better get my fill over other games before I attempt to try and plat this one. Thanks for that heads up...

Immortal Kaim3795d ago

Anyone have the Trophy/achievement list?

Gue13795d ago

Even a game with a 3 hours single player will make you play like 30 hours to get all the trophies. It all depend on how hard are they to get... But it still a 3 hours game.

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Gue13795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Most people that have beaten the game did it in less than 25 hours. Don't believe me? Look around on google and you'll see...

Bonsai12143794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

you can beat any FF game in that amount of time.. 100% completion is another story.

it took me 80+ hours to do everything in FFX.

NatureOfLogic3794d ago

I got over 200 hours on FFX 100% complete, I hope this one is like FFX

GrandDragon3794d ago

You can only Finnish this game within the 35 hour mark if you try your best to avoid enemy contact, and don't care about strategy or purchasing items.

Most FF games take long because people like to explore the areas, optimise equipment, and most importantly finish all the exciting side quests. If you are not going to bother with that, then don't bother playing the game or any FF for that matter

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