Standard 360s to benifit from HDMI converter?

...your 360 is outputting in analogue, which your high definition television set is then itself having to convert back into digital, which in the majority of sets will result in a small loss in picture quality.

With this device, the analogue signal leaving your 360 is turned digital before it reaches your TV, which means your TV can just accept the digital signal and display it, rather than having to perform its own conversion.

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gaffyh4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Just to clarify, this story is about how you can benifit from using a converter, and the tech behind has nothing to do with any products available.

WafflesID4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )


And here I thought this was all about a specific device XCM was making. I mean geez it even has a picture of it.

Silly me...


Woops .. thought that picture of the blue cable above was a picture of it. Guess they still only have conceptual drawings of it?


DrRage774185d ago

actually the article specifically states that the cable XCM is working on is going to be ready to ship to retailers in about 4 weeks.....i will probably opt for this option if it is not too expensive instead of getting the microsoft vga cable like i was originally planning

sjappie4185d ago

if this cable, or a real hdmi connection, for that matter, noticably improves the picture quality over an expensive component cable (360 monster cable). I can hardly imagine that, since picture quality over component is amazing on my plasma, wich is 720p/1080i, so the 1080p output capability of this new cable doesn't matter to me.
Stil I'm curious cause there's always room for improvement.

SaturnTo4185d ago

I am thinking Microsoft will offer their own official HDMI cable at some point since they offer various options already for the original 360's. Don't you think? Has anyone Heard anything?

Bill Gates4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

This will no doubt hurt the sales of the "Elite".

Mr Murda4185d ago

The ELITE is meant for those just now purchasing a 360, not for those that already have one. The value for the ELITE is still very valid, cause it also offers the 120GB HDD. As we know, to buy a Premium 360 and then the 120 GB HDD would cost you $580, instead of the $480 ELITE. You could buy a Core system and the 120GB HDD also for $480, but then it doesn't include wireless accessories. The SKUs were well though out in terms of retail pricing comparisons.

VirusE4185d ago

No matter how you slice it the analog has to be converted back to digital. The cable would have to do the conversion and i doubt the ad convert on the cable is as good as the one in most hdtvs.

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