How come Alan Wake Took So Long? Freaky Prototypes, Sandboxes

We've all been waiting a long...long...long time for Alan Wake, the first game from Remedy Entertainment since Max Payne 2 shipped back in 2003. Remedy president Matias Myllyrinne tried to shine some light on what took Alan Wake so long to come to fruition at DICE 2010. In short?

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LordMarius3796d ago

Alan Wake didn't want to wake up but now that it is, its ready to put the bots to sleep, haha

Michael-Jackson3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It does have some shooting in it XD, waving flashlights looks fun too.

MerkinMax3796d ago

Your jokes are putting me to sleep...

-Alpha3796d ago

I could have sworn that I saw Alan Wake pictures at the beginning of this gen on Gamespot, though that could have been the guy from RE5... I don't know, they all look alike.

I wonder what the point of announcing games early is. I suppose it builds a lot of hype, but time it poorly and you could make your audience lose interest. At least we finally get a release date for this game.

Greywulf3796d ago

The PC version wouldn't run on the 360, so they had to remove the main hype features.

5 Years later, his expression still doesn't change..

but man.. that flashlight in the dark is honest to god the best lighting ive seen ever...

3796d ago
GreenRingOfLife3796d ago

You can't rush a masterpiece, thats why

dirthurts3796d ago

I agree. Amazing lighting. Nothing else like it.
I just wish it would make it over to pc. : (

sikbeta3796d ago

I don't know what's the deal with the "waiting a long...long...long time" cuz if Devs take the time to make a game, is not cuz they're lazy of [email protected] like that, what you prefer, a great game or a [email protected]$$ed one, the answer is obvious...

DigitalAnalog3796d ago

HEY, don't be stealing our quotes about Gran Turismo 5!


-*gun finger "bang bang"

Tiberium3796d ago

I think it was because they were working on their own engine, which paid off btw.

blackpanther253796d ago

i remember seeing it on gamespot in the beginning of this gen...Alan wake and Final Fantasy XIII was the only two games i have been waiting forever for

3796d ago
Pistolero3796d ago

Heavy Rain and Killzone 2 also took a long time to come out...but both of those games turned out to be good....sometimes it is worth it to take the time to make sure a game turns out well. my opinion Alan Wake is also turning out to be an amazingly crafted game with polished gameplay, deep narrative and some of the best graphics on consoles.

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ApocalypseShadow3796d ago

a PC game before it was an xbox game.they had design issues and made it smaller like other games that used to be bigger that arrive on 360 exclusively.

it's like too direction and leadership and the game went from system to system to system until it showed up again on 360.and not only was the game changed,it faltered.

not saying alan wake will's one of the few that looks good on 360 like mass effect 2.

same with was going to be on sega saturn.but arrived later bigger and better on dreamcast.but that game got bigger.this time with alan,it's gotten smaller from pc.

the funny thing i noticed though in the latest video,and i love max payne......this guy runs through doors and runs the same just like max.

ever heard of door knobs?

BubbleSystemSuck3796d ago

Alan Wake is a nice game... but is really ugly... poor textures an models... look in the 5 min video of gameplay... Textures are Low Quality, no Bump maps on walls... very plain.

Hope they improve on the final version....

Is a shame Alan wake didnt come to PC..

BubbleSystemSuck3796d ago

wow.. a lot of fanboys desagree.

Sad but true... this game is full of Smoke & Mirros... the trees are like sprites..

Need to be more polished.

Pistolero3796d ago

You clearly don't know what you are talking about....the trees are like sprites?...yeah don't make me laugh...the trees are made up of full 3d geometry and they happen to be the best looking trees I have seen in a console game...the textures are also very good in general....what? think Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 didn't have some flatter textures?...well you would be wrong.
...say what you will, but Alan Wake is simply one of the most graphically impressive games to come along.

Hockey113796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

What trees? All I see is bloom.

All kidding aside there is a lot of bloom. It is especially apparent in the daytime sections. Also draw distance isn't very (mostly because of the bloom)

HappyTrigger3796d ago

The most common issue I see people have with Alan Wake is that it is no longer a sandbox game. My question is, why would you want it in the first place? This is a psychological action thriller. If you want to have a thrilling story you can't have the player roaming around doing whatever they want, whenever they want. It destroys the whole essence of being a thrilling and suspenseful game.

The story has to play out in a linear path during the night so the player can get engaged in the story and solve the mystery of his missing wife. But I can assure you that during the day, the game will play out in a more open-world fashion so players can get side details about other NPCs and the history of the town of Bright Falls.

So really, what is it? Were you guys just nagging about that because you wanted awesome graphics? I for one liked the idea of the removal of a full sandbox game. If this doesn't get into your head.. Whatever....

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