Trauma Center: Second Opinion for August launch

Nintendo have revealed an August 10th launch date for Trauma Center: Second Opinion on the Wii.

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ITR4134d ago

Please update with "Europe launch" in the title or body.

It was a US launch title back 5 months ago.

FreeMonk4134d ago

It's been put back AGAIN???

It was supposed to be a early July release in the UK

What are Nintendo playing at?? First this, the Paper Mario (November), and Mario Party!

How hard is it to convert an NTSC signal from the US version to a PAL signal for the UK audience??

ItsDubC4134d ago

Just remember that the US won't get to play Mario Strikers until the end of July. >=(

tonsoffun4134d ago

this has already been reported int the Wii european line up.

Anyhoo, I am gettting sick of this - Ninty always has taken a ridiculous amounof time to do pal releases - Trauma centre has been out almost since launch in the US. Hell, we won't be getting elitebeat agents on the DS until the end of july!

I for one am getting really tired of this - thier attitude towards europe has been poor for the past few years and I for one am getting sick of it.