Nintendo screws NDS homebrew, and brags about it

Hard Line writes "Most major companies when they win a court case against a small business, don't announce it to every press organization that they have ripped the defendants to shreds. It just feels in bad taste when they do it, yet… Nintendo of Australia has decided to alert every contact they could, that they have won a court case against a small online store selling R4s."

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Dark_Overlord3787d ago

Admitedly they CAN be used for piracy, but also for lots of homebrew as well, which is perfectly legal.

I always thought it was legal until the illegal roms were used in conjunction with it, and even then the problem is with the roms and not the device.

Fullish3787d ago

Nintendo should sue themselves, as their NDS can be used for piracy also

thedoctor3787d ago

Seriously, the MAJORITY of people who have an R4 use it for piracy. If you want to cheat the industry that you love, then you deserve what's coming to you.

jFND903787d ago

Stop acting like such a saint. Don't tell me you've never downloaded even ONE song from Limewire. That's also considered piracy.

thedoctor3787d ago

To be honest, I don't really give a crap about the music industry. Gaming, I do. Yeah I download music from time to time, but if I actually like the tunes (recently: Passion Pit, Bon Iver, etc) I will go out and pay good money for the albums.

Whether Nintendo has billions of dollars or not is beside the point. They did something about it, and the thieves were punished for it. I wouldn't be upset if the same thing happened to music hackz0rz either.

jFND903787d ago

Your logic makes no sense. Music "hackz0rz" only do it for the love of the community; for those that can't afford to buy mass amounts of albums and for those that don't want to 'risk' buying a dud. For you to "not be upset" if they were punished is ironic, since these 'hackz0rz' exist to serve people like you.

I don't pirate games, neither do I condone what the men in the article have done. Yet, applying your logic, I could say that " be honest, I don't really give a crap about the [games] industry." Music? Yeah, I do.

thedoctor3787d ago

I seem to remember a time before music piracy where people still managed to get music without downloading it, even though they couldn't "afford to buy mass amounts of albums". It's ludicrous to assume that just because we live in a time where the majority of people pirate entertainment that it is "okay" to do so if they can't afford it. Also, your comment about people being worried about buying a dud is ridiculous - who the hell just walks into a music store, picks up a random album, and hopes it to be good? It's called information, people; read a review, listen to their tracks on Myspace.

And how is it ironic for me not to be upset by music pirates getting caught? If, hypothetically, the entire music piracy scene disappeared tomorrow, it honestly wouldn't impact my life. The few times that I do download music, it's often followed up by a purchase of some sort. If I didn't have the outlet to download music, though, I'd turn on the radio, or listen to a friend's CD.

Oh, and you have an R4 card, so you do "pirate" music. Maybe you don't make the pirate copies, but you support them.

jFND903787d ago

"I seem to remember a time before music piracy where people still managed to get music without downloading it." Of course you do, that time it would've still been called piracy, or bootlegging. Whichever way you look at it, illegally reproducing something has been prevalent in our society for hundreds of years.

Pirates are here to stay. Don't act like you've never supported them either. You might've never physically bought an R4 card, but I'm sure you've downloaded something via the Internet before that wasn't supposed to be free. In fact, anything with a price that you obtained for free - whether it be receiving a burned CD from a relative, watching a .avi file from a friend's external HD, or using your friend's serial key to unlock any program - is your act of support for piracy.

In this day and age, don't tell me you've done neither of those. You might've never bought an R4 card, nor modchipped your Xbox, but hell, neither do I. But for you to be so critical of the pirate scene... that's hypocrisy at its finest.

thedoctor3787d ago

How did this end up being an argument about me? You aren't producing any sort of semi-logical rebuttal to my first point.

When I said "I remember a time", I was talking about people swapping tapes with each other, and hearing a band for the first time on the radio. The thirst to find something was so much stronger back then. Piracy has made us lazy and appreciate games/music/film so much less.

Which is why you are okay with owning an R4 card. Don't sit on your high horse calling out others when you are clearly okay with seeing developers (the majority of which are in dire financial straits) go down the drain. Oh noes, they gonna takez my precious R4 cards. Pl0x don't!

jkashuba073786d ago

Sorry doc they are picking are ya aren't they?.. I have to say tho they make a great point!

to be honest tho, its kind of like 1 big circle is it not? Manufactures raise prices because of piracy, pirates steal because prices are too high.. I think Manufactures like pirates because it justifies them to rape us with some of their ridicules prices, now that hasn't gone that far in the gaming industry yet, that I think anyway, but in general.. look at adobe, does their master collection really need to be $2500? its no wonder their are so many people who pirate it!

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Corrwin3787d ago

But how many people do you know that have an R4 just for homebrew?

Nintendo have a right to gloat.

qface643787d ago

everyone i know who has an R4 uses it to pirate games

if i had an R4 even i would be tempted to download me some

kingdavid3787d ago

R4s are old now. Most people have moved onto other cards from what im aware.

Corrwin3787d ago

Very true.

I've often wondered if companies like Nintendo track down pirates only when the technique becomes so well-known that parents can easily do it.

A couple of thousand older pirates aren't going to hurt the sales of the next pokemon, but if it gets so easy that parents or their kids can do it, then that could turn into few hundred thousand.

There is a balance in spending time making your games pirate-proof, and actually making the games, so I guess you might only get caught if you get greedy, and make a business out of it.

thief3787d ago

Just imagine, Sony closes down a similar shop and then gloats about it. Somehow Nintendo got away with a lot, including trundling out the same franchises over and over again. To think that the Gamecube was my fave console last generation,

Corrwin3787d ago

The annoying thing about Sony closing down that store is that no other stores will ship stuff to the UK.

The PS3 is the only region free console, and yet we can't take advantage of it (at least from eastern routes)!

thief3787d ago

I dont know, there is a store in London called Gamefocus that sells imported stuff. Or you can get some on ebay, but not the more obscure ones unfortunately. I agree with you, pity that one of the good things about the PS3 (region-free) is not being tapped

Corrwin3787d ago

I think once a game is in the country, Sony can't do anything about it. But it's companies that specialise in selling imported stuff here that they (and others like MS with the 360 version of Ghostbusters) crack down on.

It just annoys me that I could order the OST, the T-Shirt, the Cuddly bloody toy of a game, but shops like Play-Asia won't send the game to the UK!

jerethdagryphon3787d ago

sony really couldnt care if you import games on the ps3 there region free which is part of sonys plan against piracy, the ds and the r4 among others is designed for 'homebrew' but few people use it for that

piracy is rampent on ds psp and older consoles

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