God of War 3 demo hitting PSN next week?

That Gaming Site writes: "A UK retailers pre-order bonus may have inadvertently unveiled a public release date for the God of War 3 demo to hit the PS Store."


SCEE has commented on this news story: "The GOW3 demo being given away with Game is only active until the 24th, preorders after this date will not receive it. There will be a demo on the PSN but the date is still TBC."

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Nitrowolf23789d ago

hmm so is this an updated demo or is it the same E3 build?
I hope its updated or new demo

Bigbangbing3789d ago

I hope it's an updated one (newer build) .. but with the same level.

Hanif-8763789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

If its the same E3 build then that would be a stupid move from Sony. I don't wanna see stupid fanboys in these forums complaining not knowing that its not the full representation of the game. Also everyone thats reviewing the game is saying that the game looks like something from a EPIC CG MOVIE, so i just can't wait...the PS3 just keeps raising the bar in graphics from: Killzone 2 to Uncharted 2 to Heavy Rain to God Of War 3 then onto the king Gran Turismo 5 that looks fuucking photo-realistic "OMG" the PS3 it only does EPIC!!!

deadreckoning6663789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Oh man, I can't wait to see this game in kiosks at Best Buy and Gamestop. There are STILL alot of people that blindly say PS3 sucks. All this will change very VERY soon. Guys remember ta watch GTtv tonight. The God for War 3 special ill be proly be the best half hour of television EVER!

Hanif-8763789d ago

GTTV said that they are gonna have alot of God Of War 3 gameplay footage but it is rumored that a God Of War 3 demo is supposed to release next Thursday which is the 25th i just can't wait!

darthv723789d ago

I bought the GoW collection to get the voucher to play the E3 demo and man is it SWEET!

If the upcoming demo is the same then I could have gotten the GoW collection used for a few $$ less. (Yes...someone actually traded it in at Gamestop...shocking to me as well).

Ah, it's cool. I like the game and especially the demo. Hopefully this demo will be different. If not no big deal.

Happy camper either way.

MerkinMax3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

I've played the E3 demo so much since I bought District 9. I want to see the updated graphics with the object based motion blur. mmmm, blur...based on objects.

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Fishy Fingers3789d ago

The old E3 demo would be persuasive enough to tempt a lot of people into a purchase, but I'd love to get my hands on a newer build.

GeoramA3789d ago

The majority of PS3 owners probably don't even know about the E3 demo floating around out there.

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