Custom Big Sister Costume Is Amazing

Check out this video, from the same guy who made the awesome Big Daddy costume!

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GiantEnemyCrab5258d ago

That dude is a guaranteed winner of any Halloween contest he enters..

Amazing work.

KingKionic 5258d ago

THis guy is good . He even made the needle that injects adam .


Netflix announces Bioshock film in the works

One of the most popular video game franchises of all time is set to receive a Netflix film adaptation, according to an announcement on Tuesday afternoon.

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-Foxtrot880d ago

Gee...can't wait to see how many things they change and stray away from, oh don't forget the miscast actors

Neonridr880d ago

I have such high hopes because the first game is so near and dear to me. That being said, I'm sure they will mess it up. I'm hoping it's adult rated, and violent. I want to see a Big Daddy put that drill to good use :P

camel_toad879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

They're great at butchering stuff but there have also been some gems and surprises.

I never in my life thought I'd like a series based on League of Legends but it was pretty great.

Maybe just maybe they'll do Bioshock justice.

cheetah878d ago

Priority checklist
- Pander to POC
- Pander to woman
- Pander to LGBTQ
- Story

In that order

Silly Mammo878d ago

Damn! It sure sucks when white men aren't the sole focus of everything! Why can't these fringe groups be kept on the fringes like the good ole days?!? /s

senorfartcushion878d ago (Edited 878d ago )

Virgin detector


Vx_878d ago

Remove the story and I totally agree with the list

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senorfartcushion878d ago

You can cast who you want as a director. Don’t be sulky.

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Knightofelemia879d ago

Netflix did well with Dare Devil and the Punisher and I hear the Witcher is pretty good I know when I had Netflix at the time Stranger Things was also good. But Bioshock I love the franchise Bioshock Infinite is my favorite game I would pay the $21 Canadian just to check out Bioshock. Normally I would never renew my Netflix after they did their price hike but Bioshock would be worth it.

LoveSpuds879d ago

When firing on all cinders, Netflix do produce some brilliant stuff so I am not feeling pessimistic at all here. If Netflix deliver to their potential then this could be incredible given the quality of the source material. Personally, I am quite excited.

EvertonFC879d ago

Agreed, Netflix originals etc are fantastic in general, it's rare I don't like something they do.
Certainly not feeling negative with Netflix doing bioshock quite the opposite infact.

Ashunderfire86879d ago (Edited 879d ago )

Bu bu bu bu but what about Cowboy Beebop though? That was a little miss opportunity. Just a little nervous that Bioshock could turn to crap 💩 like that show. If they do a Horizon Zero Dawn show, I hope they don’t screw that up as well. I know a few good actresses that could play Aloy like Jon Snow’s girlfriend from Game of Thrones, and his wife in real life. Definitely see Aloy in her.

Livingthedream879d ago

Netflix does a lot of great things, recently finished the first season of Arcane and it was brilliant.

MadLad879d ago

Arkane was so damn good.
I just hope they keep up the quality with later releases.

I'm not even a LoL player.

Livingthedream878d ago

I’m sure they will, I don’t play the games either, I love the fact that I didn’t need to play them to enjoy it.

Michiel1989878d ago

Arcane was insanely good imo, I was hooked almost all the way. Im not sure of this but i think Netflix didnt have much to do with the production of the show? More like they just bought the rights to have it exclusively on there?

Some of their original shows are really good so im quite hopeful this might turn out to be a good show. Lets hope they wont F it up.

Nacho_Z879d ago

Love Bioshock but I'll prepare myself for the likelihood this will be both crap and a pale imitation of the source material. That covers most video game adaptations and Netflix films.

dumahim879d ago

How many have they done? It sounds like Witcher and Castlevania have done well.

Nacho_Z879d ago

I meant Netflix films in general, there are some good ones but most are average at best in my experience. Castlevania is good but I didn't like The Witcher, although it is successful.

Not sure if there are any live action video game film adaptations on Netflix as yet but they don't have a great track record.

dumahim879d ago

@ Nacho
For movies, I think it’s very difficult to cram he narrative from a 10+ hour game into 2 hours. I think that’s why series are much better suited for video game adaptations. Seems we have a bunch coming up, so we’ll see how well it plays out.

Terry_B879d ago

Why are PS2 and Wii and even the PS Vita tagged?

Atom666879d ago

The Vita tag stung a little bit extra.

Atticus_finch879d ago

Starring Tom Holland I'm guessing.

FlavorLav01879d ago

Haha. Now if it was a Sony movie, very likely

Outlawzz879d ago

Lol the Tom Holland craze is real