Darksiders free Red Faction promo open to those without codes (but who still bought it new)

Got yourself a copy of Darksiders but, for whatever reason (admit it, you lost it), don't have the slip of paper it came with containing the "mystery code" redeemable for a free copy of Red Faction Guerrilla and digital art book? Seems you're not out of luck -- unless you bought it second-hand (or "pre-played," if you will).

Vigil has announced via its official Darksiders blog that those without codes, but who purchased the game new can still get the free RFG and disc full o' artwork.

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Redlogic3350d ago

RFG was a fantastic game!!

Corrwin3350d ago

Because getting your games cheaper than anywhere else in the world is apparently not enough!

Oh well... I'll have to make do with the Heavy Rain and Yakuza 3 Special Editions at regular RRP in the UK... it's a little consolation.

Mr_Bun3350d ago (Edited 3350d ago )

Canadians get no love either :(....Too bad, I wouldn't have minded a free copy of Red Faction....I might buy it anyways.

wanderofys3350d ago

I had totally forgot about that code. I'm a little annoyed that I had to pay a 5 dollar shipping fee, but it's a good deal either way.

peeps3350d ago

only available in US :(

tbh i already have red faction lol but wouldn't have said no to a free copy i could trade in towards my next game lol

mricecreamman3350d ago

very nice got my free red faction game!!! this is the best pre-order deal i have every gotten!!! way to go THQ!