Ripten: Aliens vs. Predator Review

With three entirely different character types to play as, the titular Aliens and Predators plus the space marines, it brings three entirely different strategies to the table. It is entirely recommended that you tackle their respective solo campaigns before you dive into the multiplayer, because the learning curve can be quite unforgiving. While the marines give you a fairly standardized FPS experience, the Predators and Aliens both introduce mechanics that are entirely unique and take some getting used to.

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monkpunk13798d ago

5.5 gamespot

8.5 ign

I was really looking forward to this then mixed reviews have come in....
I think i might start ignoring reviews from now on and trust my OWN judgement, it seems that there are too many opinions flying around. In the good 'ol days (before tin-ter-net) i used to rely on one or two reviews (mean machines mag and cvg mag) and trust one of them.

kenpachi3798d ago

1UP gave it 25/100 if that helps

monkpunk13798d ago

lol that probably does help....

cyguration3798d ago

With all these uberly mixed scores this means only one thing:
Some reviewers are lying about this game.

Nitrowolf23798d ago

and these aren't like 9/10 to 7/10 range these are 8/10 to 2/10 stuff
so i guess the only way to find otu if its truly good to try it ur self

pippoppow3798d ago

What s going on this gen with so many mixed reviews?! 3 pt swings are the norm now and this game has a 6 pt swing. I really hope people stop putting so much faith in reviews already. Gaming journalism took a big step back this gen. Actually more like multiple back flip twists with a pop and lock moonwalk at the end.