What Happened To The Fighting Genre?

Besides Tekken, DOA, Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber, and the occasional, near half-decade separation of Virtua Fighter games, fighting games have pretty much gone the way of the Noiseland arcade, causing nothing fresh like a Killer Instinct or a Primal Rage to come out in quite some time. And to the author, that's a problem. As a fan of the genre, the author direly miss the hundred hit combos and monsters tearing into each other feeling you only get when you play a fighting game in the arcade.

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InMyOpinion4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

Some have tried, like Square with Tobal, Bushido blade and Ehrgeiz, but none have succeeded yet. The fighting genre is too conservative. The difference between the first 3D fighters on PS1 and the ones coming out now isn't that big if you just look at the gameplay mechanincs.

@JsonHenry - Funny you should mention Soul Calibur, since that's the only fighting game that still gets my attention.

JsonHenry4227d ago

2d fighters where the best. Somehow the jump to 3d has never felt "right" to me. Although I have to say that Soul Caliber comes pretty close.

Maddens Raiders4227d ago

in my eyes.

As long as I have my signature anniversary sticks I'm only a closet away from serious uppercuts and roundhouses to the skull.

Really I wish someone would take this sacred genre by the horns and make a new, immersive action / fighting game with an emphasis on fighting to bring younger gamers back into the fold. It's a matter of will.

Babylonian4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

The fighting genre just doesn't have much diversity. If you change the whole concept than it won't be a fighting genre anymore. First we had 2D fighting games, then we had 3D but the concept remained the same 1 on 1 figthing style. But now you could make sidewalks instead.

All that fighters do each time they come out is have a few new characters and some new attacks, graphics and better balance. And that's really fine with me. Tekken comes with something little new everytime. Like sidewalks in 3, tag in Tekken Tag, totally 3D movement in 4, custimization 5, and the use of the custimized items in 6.

It's just like these yearly soccer and football games, the only difference is that the fighting games come out every 2-3 years. Which is much better in my opinion. I don't have a problem with that in my opinion, I like them as they are with small emprovements every title.

icechai4227d ago

exactly on the mark, how much of a innovation do you want? There really isn't enough to make one stand out from the popular 2d fighters if you go 2d (Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, and the SNK ones, Naruto, Bleach DS), and 3d is pretty covered as well (Tekken, DoA, VF, SC, DBZ). 1v1, tag team, multiple team members, multi level planes, 4 fighters, flying, finishing moves... there's always more ideas to incorporate (which is what most sequels do), but a true renovation wouldn't really be a fighting game anymore. The next thing I could think of would be a fighter in FPS mode, maybe with motion control... but wait, that would make it a FPS game, not a fighting game.

Firewire4227d ago

Yeah you got it right on, thats exactly how it works. I really don't know why people complain so much though, what exactly do they want out of a fighter? If you want something else, move on! Tekken VF SC they are fighters, thats what they do, nothing less, nothing more!

MK_Red4227d ago

I deeply miss those old arcade fighters. Among 3D modern fighters, I only play MK and Soul Calibur now but more would be really welcome. I think for solution, Japanesse developers must work alongside their western fellows to make next-gen fighters. VF5 was excellent, DOA4 was really good and Tekken6/SC4 look promising but they all also play almost the same way they did when they were first released and no one can deny the similarities between look and feel of DOA,Tekken and VF (Character and world wise not the gameplay).
J fighters have great gameplay and fight mechanism but a very similair and anime feel.

Western developers on the other hand try lots of new modes and themes, from "War Gods" to "Thrill Kill" to "Def Jam". They have great worlds and characters but bad/weak gameplay mechanics. Even 3D Mortal Kombat games like "MK:Armageddon" have rather weak and problemic fight mechanism (And this comes from a hardcore MK fan, check my user name).

What if next Mortal Kombat game is made of collaboration between Preject Soul members of Namco (Makers of Soul Calibur) and Midway team of MK?

Merovee4227d ago

That's happening now with shooters. Good games and Ideas, not to mention a fun genre is being run into the ground in order to cash in on the supposedly "hot thing". The games industry is having trouble coming up with new ways of "playing" games. It happened in the days of the fighters and you can see it happening now with another genre. A few years from now the shooter market will be shrinking due to the current oversaturation and you can see the "next big thing" now gaining momentum.... i.e. music based games.

It always happens within every genre, take a look at puzzle games following the success of Tetris, 100's of clones and some really good titles. Genre's however are normally good at weeding out the crap but when they hit really hard like the fighting genre and shooter genre they come on so fast that "weeding" basicly means eliminating all but the truly remarkable, and personally I can't wait, I love a good shooter, but when 50% of the games comming out are rinse, wash, repeat....... IT'S F***ING LAME!

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