How Modern Warfare's Failures Contribute to FPS Gaming

It's hard to talk badly about a game that sold over 1 billion dollars worldwide, because it's clear that they've done something right. In this case that 'something' was Call of Duty 4, a game that set the stage for a whole new generation of shooting games. But now that Modern Warfare 2 is actually out, it's really hard to justify playing it still. Cheaters and exploiters are naturally rampant in almost every single game with a multiplayer component, but Modern Warfare 2 is absolutely out of control.

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somekyle5259d ago

Yeah, it's kept me from playing outside of of local multiplayer sometimes

BeaArthur5259d ago

I actually traded it in back in December. It was a mess back then and it's a disaster now.

Rucury5258d ago

The only reason I still have a copy around is because my friends continue to play it, even though we all seem to agree that the game is a train-wreck.

Maybe it's the light sound it makes when you get a kill, maybe it's the thunderous rhythm that appears when you level up, it might even be the sound that shows up when you get a kill-streak, but I can't understand why I still play it. Maybe I'm just a hopeful person. Maybe Infinity Ward will fix this game. We all REALLY don't know what's going on in their offices... One might argue that they have their head up their money-buckets or that they forgot about us fans... But maybe they have something up their sleeves?

After all, 10th time's the charm.

Selyah5259d ago

Didn't really know it was that bad in terms of cheating on the PC being as i'm strictly console based. That kinda sucks though.

mephman5259d ago

Yea, the PC has been hit pretty hard too.

Sanrin5259d ago

The best part is that each console has had its own unique exploits as well, so its not like they just programmed it wrong. They did it wrong on every single platform.

mephman5259d ago

Way to make them look terrible. :p

It seems like as soon as they find fixes, more are exposed.

ZombieNinjaPanda5259d ago

It's taught us that betas are necessary.

Sanrin5258d ago

I would be terrified to even consider they may of HAD a beta. This game feels like Alpha at this point with all the patches.

ikkeweer5258d ago

It´s common knowledge reconfirmed.

DlocDaBudSmoka5258d ago

im sure im the only one who didnt buy it also. well atleast the only one here. LOL jk

DlocDaBudSmoka5258d ago

POS game!!!! rectalvision at its finest.