Diablo III Shows Up on Amazon and GameStop for $59.99 -

Gamervision says, "One of the great mysteries in life is when Blizzard will release Diablo III. What may not be a mystery, however, is the price, as both and have listed the highly anticipated PC as $59.99, a full ten dollars more than the usual fifty dollar ceiling for computer games."

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evrfighter3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

wow good job Kotick. I have to hand it to you.

You've single handedly managed to make one of my most anticipated games of the century....

and turned it into a "meh I'll buy it if it ever gets a steam discount" which is very highly unlikely.

I won't let it kill my day however as I've just started playing around with eyefinity on my 5870 and it makes me want a 3rd monitor. I'll probably end up selling my ps3 for one.

Bad company 2 across 2 screens at 3840x1080 is insanely fun. The only problem is the bezel of the monitor is right where the crosshair is supposed to be. need a 3rd monitor to correct this :D

off topic I know so back to the article.

screw Kotick

chak_3799d ago

I wouldn't even be surprise eh, after all activision is around.

Anyway as much as I would like to buy it...I would not at the price.

I canceled my wow sub, I didn't buy any activision game since a year so I can continue.

Megaton3799d ago

I'm sure we have the Activision side of their relationship to thank for this one. Same with Starcraft 2 being cut into 3 games, which I'm sure will retail for the low, low Activision clearance price of $59.99 each.

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