The Once And Future King: Nintendo

According to the author of the story, everyone has been impressed by the amazing success of Wii's first six months at retail. Not many believed it was possible for a company to have success in three separate console generations, but Nintendo is poised to do just that. Historically, it has been completely impossible for any hardware manufacturer to get past that little hump and become an industry mainstay

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MK_Red4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

The article is rather mistaken. Who says Nintendo was succesfull for 3 generations!? N64 failed (It had awesome games like GlodenEye, PerfectD and Zelda but...), GameCube was the last among last gen consoles and Wii can be the only success after years (Handhelds excluded).

And even yet, Xbox was nothing before original Halo came, Same goes for PSone with MGS1 and Final Fantasy VII and sequels of those heavy hitters are coming within a year from now, Halo3 could make 360 kill all others or MGS4 will rescue PS3 and bring to the top. GTA4 and RE5 will help them both so there is no indication that Wii has won (Other than casual market), true battle is far from over. And of course, Wii will bring its biggest hits like Mario Galaxy, Metroid P3 and SSBB the same so it will be Halo3 VS MGS4 VS Mario G.

And while Wii has a good lead, its partly because they released their biggest heavy hitter for launch. They released "Legend of Zelda: TP" during launch which gave them unmatched advantage. 360 didn't have Halo3 at launch and so was the same for PS3 and MGS4/FFXIII at that time. Wii has lead but it already has lost (released) one of its big hitters while MS and Sony are holding their monsters for fall/winter 2007-2008.

WIIIS14133d ago

You are wrong. Zelda didn't win the hearts of the masses for Wii. Wii Sports did.

PS360WII4133d ago

Hang on MK. He didn't say Nintendo was succesfull for 3 gens. He said they were poised to do so. NES and SNES were the 2 gens that Nintendo won and while Zelda was the bread and butter of launch for Wii it was Wii Sports that turned the tide for them. All hardcore gamers bought the Wii cuz it's new and because of Zelda. Then they showed their families Wii Sports and we are where we are today.