Games Xtreme: MAG Review

Games Xtreme writes: "Whilst I own each of the major consoles I have always been a PC gamer. I have put up with upgrading and incompatibilities because often PC games will offer slightly more than console games. One area I have always felt this is with First Person Shooters. For years PC gamers have had huge battles, even on dial up connections, but it has always seemed that consoles can't keep up with this. MAG is here to change that. Rather than go for a slight increase over the opposition, MAG is about blowing their competitors out of the water, from a number point of view that is. MAG offers 128 v 128 gameplay, yes that's not a typo, a full 256 players in one game."

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raztad3795d ago

I agree with you.

Gamer Xtreme review was pretty accurate and I share his views. Guy is from the PC realm and can appreciate a good game.

Bathyj3795d ago

This game seems to be improving with time, like a fine wine, or a girl whose just not quite legal yet.