Next Generation previews Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV is, from one perspective, in danger of taking itself too seriously. But the corollary is the outrageously exciting prospect of anyone taking the construction of a videogame world this seriously at all, let alone a developer as gifted and influential as Rockstar North. Even just breathing in the scant PR fumes Rockstar is allowing to escape at present – a hint here, a suggestion there – is intoxicating. The subtle, humane ambition of the plot only adds to the bold, superhuman ambition of creating a virtual city this lifelike, with this much scope for complexity. Even if the unthinkable happens and the game itself falls short, the signs are that the new Liberty City will be an unforgettable creation, and a worthy tribute to the spectacle, diversity and dynamism of its inspiration.

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MK_Red4185d ago

Wow, Next-Gen is getting into big reviews.

tony4185d ago

this game will be in the top 3 for game of the year. it will be that good. can you imagine grand theft auto with realistics people behaviors and great graphics? awesome!

Coffin874185d ago

"gta iv is in danger of taking itself too seriously."
lool.. seriously, it isn't. xD

you can read too much BS on the internet these days..


Thats what this game is going to be. MAD GOOD. After Vice City I had kind of lost interest in GTA. Not because it got boring, quite the contrary, there was just too much for me to do. I was starting to feel like a came home, and turned on the PS2 to my second life. lol. So I definately did not want to try San Andreas where you could do almost twice as much!

But this game has really peaked my interest again. One Online Magazine stated that Rockstar was demoing it, and one of the citizens did something that caught them off guard, and was like, I've never seen that before! Now thats crazy.