Gamer Limit Editorial: Accessibility - A Good or Bad Thing?

Kevin Miller writes, "World of Warcraft used to be my game of choice. "Vanilla WoW" as they called it, brought me some of the best video game experiences I have had. Nothing quite like killing Ragnaros for the first time with a group of 39 other people you have never actually met. Experiences like this, the friends I made, and the elite group one was part of for having purples is what kept me playing. Then, Blizzard decided to give the game the "kiss of death" as I see it: accessibility.

Accessibility – or "catering to the casuals" as I call it – is slowly having an impact on the video game industry's biggest titles. While change can be a good thing, accessibility seems to be exponentially finding its way to the forefront of video game designer's minds. Is this a good or bad thing?"

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overlordror3788d ago

Accessibility takes away the enjoyment of many players when you're dumbing down content that they previously enjoyed. This is ultimately why I stopped playing WoW and ultimately why I won't be picking up any MMO game anytime soon.

Jorrel563788d ago

Agreed. Although I must say it will be hard to stay away from Star Wars next year.

themizarkshow3788d ago

I've never played an MMO, so watching WoW get "watered down" as patches are introduced has been interesting as an outsider. They make it look more interesting to me, and less interesting to early adopters. Makes you wonder if there is a balance that they just haven't found yet.

Yuenanimous3788d ago

The one case I have of a game being too complex was Hearts of Iron III. I've played strategy games my whole life, but I swear you have to be a 3 star general to understand that game.

thedoctor3788d ago

There is a distinct lack of yelling in here.