GamesRadar: MAG Review

GamesRadar writes: "While the majority of us and our colleagues favour Modern Warfare 2's online offerings, there is a place for MAG to exist, and in some cases, surpass Infinity Ward's classic. We asked our resident angry Scotsman, and online FPS softie, Dave Meikleham why he prefers MAG to MW2…

"As I've already freely admitted: I'm rubbish at MW2, which is why I prefer MAG: I'm slightly less rubbish at it. Where Modern Warfare 2 is all lighting-quick, ruthless twitch shooting, Sony's game is more methodical and thanks to the bigger maps I can head off to a safe haven when the pressure gets too much. Crucially it's far more forgiving to new players."

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mikepmcc3788d ago

nice that they waited to review the game to see what public play was like. hilarious read also...