Each Alan Wake Playthrough 'Unique'

NowGamer: Alan Wake director Matias Myllyrinne has talked about the ways in which each playthrough of the game will differ...

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DizzyDino3792d ago

sounds a little like Heavy Rain. day 1 4 me

hybridtheory123792d ago

i agree. im happy more games are doing this thing where each play through is different. i cant wait to see what other games will do this

Bungie3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

completely Agree

it will have a great story , but now with intense gameplay too

we won3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Sounds like Heavy Rain? LOL Do you know anything about Alan Wake?


They keep mentioning HR because in their minds it's the only PS3 game that matches(comes close to) Alan Wake, I did say "in their minds" The whole things is nothing more than a vs visual match PS3 fans need for some reason to justify their purchases or PS3. This is the reason they can never complement a 360 game without mentioning a PS3 game "just as good" or "they would rather play"

Montrealien3792d ago

So I will be able to brush my teeth first one one play through, and then shave first the second? hehe

Seriously though, I am enjoying heavy rain very much despite its flaws, actually its unfare to call them flaws, more like limitations. And I can`t wait for Allan Wake.

Hisiru3792d ago

If you are searching for a game similar to Heavy Rain you will be disappointed because Heavy rain is a point and click adventure (slow paced + puzzles), Alan Wake is an action game (fast paced + action).

The story-driven aspect won't make these games similar.

Alan Wake will be an incredible game. I can't wait to play it!

Guido3792d ago

They offer several linear experiences instead? Sorry, but this game is going to be pure trash.

Montrealien3792d ago

I am presuming you will not be getting Heavy rain either guido? You will be missing out on two great games.

To each there own I guess, these thinking games are not for everyone.

3792d ago
firelogic3792d ago

They always say each play through will be different due to procedural level creation, etc...but it never ends up that way. Sure the experience is slightly different but not to the point where you tell yourself, "OMG I HAVE to play that again but take a different path!" Because when you do, it's really not that different from what you did earlier. No game is fully open-world or completely procedurally created. There are set paths that you have to follow because it's a "PRE-PROGRAMMED" game that you're playing. If it's not in the code, you can't do it.

siyrobbo3792d ago

open world does not mean AAA

Uncharted 2 isnt open world, is that game trash?

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Raoh3792d ago

I have high hopes for alan wake.
if heavy rain and alan wake can both become successful and win some awards, hopefully more companies will take notice and realize that a good story is just as important as gameplay mechanics..

Cartesian3D3792d ago

why so many disagrees ???

I love all of Remedy games(Max Payne was Awsome..maybe too short but pure gold)

I will borrow my friends 360(oh wait..RROD ) my other friend .. for this game. but it looks too similar to max payne :P just with a flash light and dark atmosphere(who cares, I love max payne so I will love this one too). Im sure story is the major element in this game so I cant wait to play this gem too.

BeaArthur3792d ago

Each Alan Wake Playthrough 'Unique'...that would be cool but based on the gameplay I have seen it appears to be somewhat linear. Still looks like a great game though.

Tony P3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

The game is linear. No doubt.

They're just saying you'll face the same scenarios with some minor differences. That's what makes each playthru "unique".


@3.2: Neither is it to me. I'm just explaining what I think the devs meant.

@everybody else: Well, I'm sorry it hurts so many feelings to call a game linear, but that's what it is. Remedy flat out said it was made linear so they could tell one cogent story. That's also why it only has one reported ending.

BeaArthur3792d ago

I don't classify that as unique but anyone who disagreed is free to grow a pair and clarify it for me.

Corrwin3791d ago

Perhaps it'll be choice based like inFAMOUS or Overlord. Where choosing the Good or Bad option leads to a different ending?

damnightmare3792d ago

A bunch of developer's say this

Doesn't mean much, could mean the most minuscule things that don't alter the experience much.

DelbertGrady3792d ago

The 5 min gameplay video totally floored me. This game just keeps growing. I hope MS back it like it deserves. It has the potential to become a monolith.

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