Trailer Park: Crash of the Titans

Radical Entertainment (Scarface, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction) is bringing Crash Bandicoot back – marking his first foray onto next-gen consoles – in another attempt at conquering the 3D world, and maybe this time the little critter might actually pull it off. Here's hoping. Watch the gameplay trailer and developer interview with GamerSquad.

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Lord Anubis4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

I'm sorry but the series should have died after Naughty Dog partnered with Sony CEI. The Crash games are not the same anymore. Jak and Daxter was the successor and superior platformer. Either Universal should return the intellectual property to Naughty Dog or kill the franchise; because Naughty do is the only team with the creative mind to make the franchise work.

Babylonian4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Crash bandicoot was my first PS game and after that I owned every other game made by Naughty Dog. Untill I bought Crash Bash, at first I thought something was wrong with the game. I thought why does this look different and why does the story suck. Then I found out that the game wasn't made by Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog sold Crash to Universal because they went to Sony. It was then that Universal raped the hell out of this once great series.

To me, The Crash series ended with CTR. Every game after that I consider non-canonical and not the same Crash, but an evil clone of the hero. This sh!thead doesn't even look like Crash and WTF is that on his arms? Tattoos, since when did crash have tattoos.

Insomniac did the same with Spyro, they sold it to Universal. Damn u Universal, you bastards.

PS360WII4132d ago

That trailer had fighting in it and I think the rating board needs to give that trailer a M rating. Some kid might watch it!

VirusE4132d ago

Is it just me or have the majority of the crash games sucked way to much to merit a sequel this late in the game?

PS360WII4132d ago

No VirusE it is not just you. Unfortunatly you can't stop a dev from making yet another bad game. If you think this doesn't happen to often all I can say is look at Army Men. Luckly we haven't seen another one of those for a bit.

VirusE4132d ago

You know it’s just wrong to bring up the army men games. I honestly had all but forgotten about them and then you have to bring them back to the fore front of my mind! Thanks!!! Maybe the guys that fund Uwe Bolls movies are the same guys that funded the army men games. It would explain a lot.

Daxx4132d ago

I hate how these game developers make crappy games just to make a few lousey dollars. They don't care if their games are crap as long as they get money.

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