The Darkness Gamesradar Review

Boxes are scattered around the apartment, evidence that your girlfriend Jenny has only just started moving in. She's surprised you with a birthday cake and - even though you've tried to warn her that you kill people for a living and your former boss is out for your blood - she shrugs it off as a bad joke. Motioning you over to the couch, she kisses you, leans her head on your shoulder and gradually falls asleep as the two of you watch TV.

It's not what you'd expect from a hyperviolent shooter, but it's calmer moments like this - fully playable and wedged in between the dual-pistol executions and power-drill torture scenes - that help elevate The Darkness from a simple action game to something much more engrossing. Sure, you'll spend a lot of time blasting your way through legions of gun-toting thugs and using dark powers to tear them apart - but The Darkness isn't all action, and the parts that aren't make the rest seem more real.

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kingofps34224d ago

Play UK - 91 (AAA)

1UP - 90 (Excellent!)

Games Radar - 90% (Nice!)

EuroGamer -80% (Yeah!!)

IGN - 78% (gay)

Vagrant_14224d ago

to hear this game is getting all types of love from most sites. IGN's score blows though and knowing Gamespot it'll be lower than IGN's (most likey but not 100% sure)

MK_Red4223d ago

Wow, critics are really divided for this one. 9.1(Play UK) to 6 (Yahoo games). Since I like Games Radar for their top 5-10 features, I'll go with them.

lil bush4223d ago

this is a game thats a should get atleast a 8.5, but im getting this game no matter what ...............