The Darkness Review - With great power comes great brutality

June 25, 2007 - In the '80s, the comic book industry turned its back on four-color supermen in favor of dark and gritty anti-heroes. That trend continued well into the '90s, with new superstars blending the line of good and evil. No more clearly was this seen than in Marc Silvestri's The Darkness. Jackie Estacado is a man cursed with a birthright that emerges on his 21st birthday. The Darkness, a primeval force, uses Estacado as its vessel to cause mayhem in New York City. Estacado's only claim to heroism is that as nasty a guy as he may be (he is a mob hitman, after all), he's killing men who are even more evil.

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ThisIsWaiting4134d ago

Not the PS3 version. As of right now, there is not a PS3 review up for this game on IGN.

ThisIsWaiting4134d ago

I looked all over IGN to see if the review was up, and it wasnt.

Ebay3rd4134d ago

Waiting on mine... Online action looks fast and action packed can't wait to get my kill on...

candystop4134d ago

I don't care about reviews anymore and will judge games for myself unless its just obvious! Just because there IGN doesn't make there opinion more important than others!

CompGeek4134d ago

I think it deserves better, but w/e

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