Who Wants To Be A Big Daddy?

Edge: The BioShock games pose a simple question: "Why did you do that?" Like every other shooter ever made, they give you a goal to pursue and rules on how to reach it, but BioShock and now BioShock 2 go a step farther to ask why you're so eager to follow every order you're given.

Both times, the game fumbles the answer. In BioShock, you learn that your protagonist was brainwashed to obey any instruction that starts with the phrase, "Would you kindly..." The joke here is that you, the player sitting at home, have been following all these orders anyway, because that's what the game told you to do. But the twist falls apart later in the game, when you start following Tenenbaum's orders just as blithely as Atlus'. Why do we trust her? Wasn't she a Nazi or something?

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