Super Street Fighter 4 Achievement List Leaked

Analoghype: Super Street Fighter 4 has information leaking all over the place, which isn't totally a bad thing. The hype for the game continues to build up because of it. The Super Street Fighter 4 achievement list leaked and reveals some features that were added to the new game that wasn't announced. The list is a translation but bare with it.

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willud4skins3792d ago

these are pretty much the exact same as street fighter 4. i see no reason to get this game if you still have sf4.

Stretch323792d ago

Well the new characters COULD be a good reason but I don't know, I'm not an achievement whore.

blackboyunltd3792d ago

theres still achievement whores?

KeemJ3792d ago

lol @ achievement whores.

willud4skins3792d ago

are you kidding me? have you been living in a cave?

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Pein3792d ago

what about trophies?