PSU: Dark Sector Explosion! (Hands On, Screenshots, and New Details)

Coming straight out of Santa Monica from D3Publisher's pre-E3 event, PSU had the pleasurable chance to sit down and get hands on time with one of the best looking 3rd person shooters of this generation, Dark Sector.

Details include:
- Hands on Details
- Weapons
- Talk about Dark Sector items for PlayStation Home
- Screenshots and Video

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omegaheat4227d ago

Is it me or does this game's visuals mark the paradigm of real-time graphics. Gears of War did it first but this looks beyond awesome. Sheer eyecandy.

NoUseMerc4227d ago

Make sure you read the stuff about PlayStation Home.

Also I here are some images...

Satanas4227d ago

"Also mentioned was the fact that they are looking at supporting PlayStation Home with some cool items or possibly even having Hayden's metal arm as an unlockable for your Home character."

Cool stuff

Circa244227d ago

Metal arm on your Home character?

F%^&ing awesome!

Kleptic4227d ago

yeah IGN has the gameplay videos up now for this...looks incredible...there is a part where Hayden is walking through a room with boarded up windows, and light shines through the slits between the boards, and reflects off him perfectly...its really creepy and awesome looking at the same time...

I read about this a long time ago...had no idea it was no longer exlusive...but its obvious that they are trying to do this one right...should be pretty good...

funkysolo4227d ago

I like the art style, I'm gonna add it to my list

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