RUMOR: Final Fantasy XIII May Have More Than One Home

When questioned about Final Fantasy, Mr. Wada said;

"As of now we have no change in plans. However, just because it is designed for the PS3 does not mean that it is absolutely unusable in any way whatsoever on another platform. With regard to sales, we look at timing. It's not just about how many units are available at a certain time; influence– is also very important."

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Lord Anubis4133d ago

Like in Kojima Productions, Ken is the influence.

Machety4133d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

(Yo on top of me I am not replying to ur comment, I just dont like my comments to be at the bottom of the page)

This is BullShlt, how many times are people going to post this crap. I dont know what is the Fu(K1n9 deal with this sh1t, seriously. People should understand the fact that Sony owns 20% of Square Enix, and it would be very unlikely that Sony would let this System seller tittle go multiplatform. I swear this game is the reason why I bought a PS3 besides " Killzone 2, MSG4, HOME, Little Big Planet, Lair, Heavenly Sword and Etc..." And if it goes multiplatform I will burn MS to the ground and sh1t on Sony's face.

@ the peeps under me " I'm sorry I just got carried away" lol

Keyser4133d ago

Machety, I know you mean well but you don't have to do all that.

If this is a timed exclusive so be it. I'm interested to see how many dvd9 it would take up. I will get it for my PS3 and if it's released to the 360 then so be it. They can experience the wonderful game that is FF. Now, we know it will be a business decision. All of Japan will buy it so no worry in sales there but there may not be a lot of desire on the "FPS console" to play FF. I'm sure they'll weigh that in their decision.

If it turns out to be a flop on the 360 you'll get one guarantee, it'll never be on the 360 again. In the mean time, let's wait and see how Square plays this. I would be surprised if they put a feeler out on the 360 prior to FF's release to see if there is any attraction to their style of gaming.

The good thing is that it's coming to the PS3, and that is no rumor.

Hayabusa 1174133d ago

It's a game: lighten up dude.

MADGameR4133d ago

Just f***ing say it! Its coming to both consoles 360 and PS3. There you go! This is so sickening.

CyberSentinel4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

The sound of 3 million lemming hearts breaking.

Blind Lemmings, Let The Crying Commence. [email protected]

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Satanas4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

"It’s not just about how many units are available at a certain time; influence– is also very important."

By this is he referring to the game's influence in terms of selling consoles?

Rather than disagreeing, how about giving your interpretation. Man, people are stupid.

Hayabusa 1174133d ago

I agree, that's what it sounds like to me. Square may not be so worried about how many PS3's are out there, because they know poeple will buy a PS3 for there game.

CrazzyMan4133d ago

This is apparently a meeting of shareholders, and Wada, the current CEO of Square-Enix, said some interesting things. I have a rough translation, but I would like someone else (perhaps y-koron) to translate properly. Here is the text from the link:

三人目の質問です。FF13について、Xbox360での展開 は無いのか、普及台数が低いPS3で出していいのか、マルチプラッ トフォームなどを検討していないのかどうか。また、PS3が難題出 た時が採算分岐点は何台になるのか。

今のところは変更は無いが、PS3用として取り掛かったからと いって他にまったく利用できないというわけではない。販売に関して はタイミングを見る。その時点の台数だけでなく、勢いも重要。

It is question of three public attention. Concerning FF13, the development with Xbox360 it is possible to putting out with PS3 which the or spread quantity which is not is low, does not examine the multi-platform and the like, whether or not is. In addition, when PS3 difficult problem appearing, as for profit turning point becoming some stand???

For the present, there is no modification, but because it started as one for PS3 saying, it is not the case that it cannot utilize completely in other things. You look at timing in regard to sale. Not only the quantity of that point in time, also spirit is important.

Satanas4133d ago (Edited 4133d ago )

We really need a Japanese person to translate these articles accurately.

Disagree=You can fully understand the translation above? Oh, certainly.
"It is question of three public attention." Even my grammar is less adequate.

CaliGamer4133d ago

Keeping their options open, sounds like standard business practice to me. In the end they will do what they have to do, they are not beholden to Sony, the only question is would their products quality be sacrificed by moving to another console? Time will tell.

ALIEN4133d ago

Is the word of the day.