OPM: "We Firmly Believe That It's Not Called Arc"

GOONL!NE writes: "Again, in In Episode 8 of the Official Playstation Magazine Podcast, the team briefly discuss the Sony Motion Controller, thought to be called Arc. Editor-In-Chief Tim Clark said;

" [From what we know/have been told] We now firmly believe that it's not called Arc""

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villevalorox3799d ago

i think it should be called the flux. imo, it's cool.. lol :).. W.E i just know I want one... the tech demo was sweet IMO

sinncross3799d ago

Just call it Sphere.

GEM is quite possibly the stupidest name next to wand.

PhilipLarkin3799d ago

I thought Arc was quite a nice name - still, I can't think of anything worse than Gem

Noctis Aftermath3799d ago

Arc is so last season, Gem is the name now.

This site needs to get with the times.

Sevir043799d ago

Catchy. Gem was just nasty. Sphere sounds cool too. Can't wait
to see it at GDC this year. It'll be media ready with more games,
more announced developer support and a name, and if we are luckya release date,
instead of a release time frame. Sony's gdc will be epic this year, new. game
announcements firmware announcements and more coverage on it's new
branch of entertainment with 3D gaming and precision motion control gaming.
Gonna be a sick show.

jalen2473799d ago

Whatever name Sony chooses, I am sure it will be good...Sony is a very trendy company.