OPM: "Very Special Game Still To Be Revealed"

GOONL!NE writes: "In Episode 8 of the Official Playstation Magazine Podcast, Editor-In-Chief Tim Clark has revealed that a new game is yet to be revealed."


UPDATE: TheSitxhAxis got in touch with Tim and can now report that the game is indeed the unannounced shooter being made by the 'Black' dev. team. So, without being too presumptuous...start saving for Black 2.

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negative_03792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Hmmmm curiouser and curiouser. So many games so little money. :)

Shooter everyones been asker for eh?

Megaton3792d ago

Final Fantasy VII remake, westernized FPS edition.

mastiffchild3792d ago

Exclusive I'd want to go with R3 or Starhawk(or whatever DJ's new game's called)and multiplat has anyone had the reveal on the next Treyarch COD?

Stretching a point, about pure shooters, could it even be the first real mention of Syphon Filter PS3? Would be squeals of delight for a Timesplitter comeback round my house as well!If trhe Xbox one was Alan Wake who knows what the OPM one might be?

we won3792d ago

Everybody knows it's yet to be revealed. Is this guy simply just quoting and talking about original news and somebody posted as actual new developments for PS3?

sinncross3791d ago

Im going with Syphon Filter.

We've known for an entire year that Sony Bend were working on the game (due to a slip by a company working on the facial mo-cap for SF5 by Sony Bend)

Jamegohanssj53791d ago

Wasn't there supposed to be a special announcement on Monday? What happened to that?


Syronicus3791d ago

I would have to agree, and hope that this is what it is. I love Syphon Filter and after having played the PSP games, I want so much more from this series.

sikbeta3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Twisted Metal PS3
The Getaway Sequel
Syphon Filter PS3
Ape Escape
SoTC Remastered
Jak & Daxter Sequel


"This means a new game, probably a shooter, will be revealed next month; while you might think from the podcast that it’s a PS3 exclusive, this does coincide nicely with OXN teasing “The shooter everyone’s been asking for“, so it may well be multiplatform"

Forget about my Options :(

Mike134nl3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Duke Nukem

k2d3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Curious, more curious, most curious.

...unless you're Alice in Wonderland.

Daver3791d ago

A Co-op syphon filter would be nice

DeadlyFire3791d ago

Black 2? or maybe spiritual successor to Black. If EA isn't making Black 2 maybe someone else might be. I just learned that Codemasters has hired Stuart Black. Lead designer in the Black game I believe or something for a new IP at Codemasters. It could be true. Although if so it would be a bit early to have any details about that game.

Its possible this whatever that is to show up could be something out of the blue completely new. I can't think of anything everyone would ask for that isn't Black 2. Unless its Duke Nukem, Halo, KILLZONE related. Duke Nukem isn't likely, Halo would never go multiplatform, and KILLZONE 3 would more than likely only be revealed at a big media event. Whatever it is there is 2 announcements for it. One in OXM and one in OPM. So its coming to PS3 and X360 if its the same announcement or if one is already out there. Whatever it is. Timesplitters 4 or Star Wars Battlefront 3 could be possible. Either way you know its something people know of. Doom 4 is also likely. Although they said they announced it last year.

Its just a guessing game right now.

Syronicus3791d ago

HHG informed his fans that the new game coming is in fact, Syphon Filter. Not sure about you but I know HHG to be a bit off of his rocker from time to time but he is not typically prone to lie. If he says it, I am tempted to believe it.

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SmokingMonkey3792d ago

Twisted Metal

this one will never happen but a new 2D Samurai Shodown (not that Sen crap)

Bumpmapping3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Time Splitters?

@Philip yeah just read now Iam not interested at all!

PhilipLarkin3792d ago

A new shooter coming for PS3, AND a new shooter for Xbox 360? =P

It's probably multiplatform, with both mags hinting it at in the same month.

nix3791d ago

come on.. don't create a suspense. i normally get hyped after every news like this.

Rucury3791d ago

HUZZAH!*fingers crossed*

Xi3792d ago

possibly? It says it might coincide with the similar oxn announcement.

PhilipLarkin3792d ago

The OXN announcement is not James Band - the picture of the right hand with the gun next to it was Alan Wake.

Xi3792d ago

I thought it seemed a little strange.

maybe future soldier, timesplitters or battlefront 3 or something then? Just trying to list off games from larger publishers we know are making some games.

PhilipLarkin3792d ago

It's not Future Soldier, as they already mention that - It's probably a multiplatform game, with both OPM and OXM teasing the same thing, so it's not Resistance 3 or anything - I firmly believe that this 'Black 2' stuff is not true, and that intact, that team who are said to be working on it are actually making a sequel to OpFlash: Dragon Rising, to fix the broken Ego engine.

The only hint we've got to go on is 'Very special' and 'That everyone asked for'...


Xi3792d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I'd assume it'd be a bit more gamer centric and less niche, especially if it's more "asked for". And I guess since it's grouped in with other multiplatform games it's more likely to be that, i'm sure if it was ps3 exclusive they'd make it loud and clear. My guesses timesplitters, battlefront 3, doom/quake, XIII 2(not likely), killer 7-2(not likely).

Also a very good chance it' something like a tps game or something.

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