5 Questions for Sega: Talking About NiGHTS

Months ago, Sega announced that it would be bringing to Wii exclusively a sequel to the beloved Sega Saturn game NiGHTS into Dreams. Advanced Media Network recently had the opportunity to ask the game's producer, Takashi Iizuka, five questions about the upcoming NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. See what Advanced Media Network asked and what Sega had to say below.

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Diselage4133d ago

It's amazing, an exclusive that isn't Mario, Zelda, or Sonic related.

akaFullMetal4133d ago

ten years for nintendo get another exclusive, cant wait for another ten, hahahah

Kokoro4133d ago

this game looks gorgeous. I'm glad no one forgot it, since it was on the dreamcast. and yeah, kinda lame that nintendo isn't getting RE5, when it got re4 in the first place.

RedSeven4133d ago

I never played the first NiGHTS even though I owned a Dreamcast. All I remember from the past is that a purple looking elf jester guy flys around. Sorry, I just don't honestly remember the game much.

ItsDubC4132d ago

NiGHTS was released for the Saturn, not the Dreamcast. Interestingly enough, if the Saturn were more successful as a console, the Dreamcast probably would have seen the first NiGHTS sequel as the Dreamcast controller is similar to the one packaged w/ the Saturn version of NiGHTS.

MK_Red4132d ago

I can hardly wait, this game may be the sole reason that I'm getting Wii. (And maybe No More Heroes)

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