Square Enix Sticking With Consoles for New Final Fantasy Games

After Final Fantasy XIII's lengthy (not to mention expensive) development cycle, it makes sense that Square Enix would look into less expensive alternatives for their flagship franchise. Those alternatives don't extend as far as moving it to handhelds though.

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ZombieAutopsy3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Guessing final fantasy agito 13 will be the last then.

blitz06233798d ago

I'm fine with that as long as it doesn't take freakin' 5 years to make one.

Bnet3433797d ago

They'll probably keep Dragon Quest on the DS like IX. That game will sell a TON in Japan. So FF for consoles and DQ for handhelds.

Gue13797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Too bad DQX will be relased in a fail console... You know, the wiiiii. =(

But a traditional jrpg on HD consoles will be even more fail. Reviewers will score it with 3's and 6's and the game will fail. The damn media's ruining gaming for people like me that still likes these type of games. I hate handhelds! And SD consoles! Unless they are old like the PS2, GC or Dreamcast. That's understandable but the Wii? An SD current-gen console? = F-A-I-L. And for $200? That's a bloody robbery!

Bnet3433797d ago

WTF DQX on the Wii? Are you serious?!

Da One3797d ago

probably more than that you didn't know?

Sigh3797d ago

yeah man, DQ10 is going to the wii. I think that announcement has been awhile, but like you I was surprised. Just heard of this last year I think, someone else pointed it out to me here on n4g. But I'll still get it regardless since I have a wii. After playing DQ8, I'm really anxious if 10 will be even greater. Love dragon quest's simple rpg gameplay.

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4pocalyps33797d ago

As long as their other games contain towns and at least have some challenge in them (I heard in ff13 you can get out of a battle in middle of it, re-strategise and play the battle again?) then i am ok.

I am now relying on Versus and Agito to change my mind about Enix, because to be honest, they haven't made a final fantasy since 10. the others have just been bad RPG's with Final Fantasy slapped on 'em to make them sell.

Simon_Brezhnev3797d ago

i just hope versus stays exclusive.

Ravage273797d ago

but apart from FF13 Versus, Kingdom Hearts 3 is the only other SE game i'm interested in. Nomura is overworked atm though, so we'll probably not see it till 2013 earliest :(

Snert3797d ago

What they need to do is stick to ps3 only. They're wasting their time on developing for the 360. Don't everybody see how 360 messes games up with it's outdated hardware. I hope FFvs13 stays exclusive.

maniacmayhem3797d ago

Why do you want it to stay exclusive?

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