Sony PS3 Firmware Update Wishlist

Game Rant: "PS3 owners are one of the most vocal groups when it comes to making the most of our consoles. This is in part due to Sony's marketing campaign which depicts the PS3 as a full media machine – rightfully so, with its abundance of features right out of the box.

Here, we'll break down the Game Rant PS3 Update want list, in no particular order. The primary criteria are that the updates should be directed towards making the machine a more capable media unit, or that updates should increase user satisfaction and enjoyment."

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RememberThe3573793d ago

And there have already been tons of rumors about cross-game chat, so I'm taking that as a given.

I also want to see support for rmvb, that would kick ass.

swiftshot933793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Cross-game chat at this point is a given, and a universal system for inviting friends to games is NEEDED. Also, the friends list overall needs to be more organized, and everything needs to be integrated with the console UI. Just make it easier to connect with friends, and the PS3 will be a perfect console.

darthv723793d ago

i hear so much of this being requested. Honestly I dont use it on 360 so I wouldnt benefit from it on ps3. Not saying others wouldnt but it would certainly influence the purchase of headsets on ps3. If games like mag or even warhawk (which came with the headset) didnt spark interest, cross game chat would.

For me, I want more media codec support. I still have movies in unsupported formats I use the pc to stream. It would be nice to just pop in the disc or plug in the ext hdd and have them play natively.

UnSelf3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

im so satisfied with Sony's performance, that i would gladly pay for their premium service.

You see the thing with Live is that it was never an issue of money. It was the principle. How dare a company force me to pay to play online? The entire notion is asinine

Sony has time and time again proved themselves every single generation and i am more than happy to pay for their optional services. Somehow i feel like we all almost feel the sameway.

Sony owners are a different kind of ppl

ape0073793d ago

99% didn't think of that, I want some sound effect(like earning a trophy for example) when your friends go online

I find these little things interesting

anyone agree or is it me??

TheDudeAbides3793d ago

#1: universal party/inviting system

Darkstorn3792d ago

The main thing I want is for Sony to do away with copy protected saves. I don't want to lose my data in Skate 2 and Assassins Creed 2 when I upgrade my hdd. I realize that a full system backup supposedly includes even protected saves, but outcomes have been mixed, from what I've read.

uie4rhig3792d ago

Disk Defragmenter isn't needed lol, the ps3's file system is loosely based the ext file system used in linux (donno which version), and ext doesn't need to be defragmented

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-Alpha3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

-Cross Game Chat
-thousands of avatars, maybe some that can be uploaded
-More colors for ID card
-Backgrounds on ID cards
-Deeper ID cards
-More/deeper profile options that can be viewed better
-3rd party Dynamic themes
-A design overhaul for the interface, though not too different
-More friends to add
-Redesigned ID cards
-Party chat
-Ability to organize friends into groups
-Ability to have a "top ten"/"Quick ten" list where you pick ten friends to instantly load on your friends list (I find that when you max your list it takes a long time for them to load)
-Trophy Leaderboards
-Simplified XMB in-game
-Cleaner text chat boxes:
-Universal Music
-Universal Video Capture
-Universal Image Capture
-Universal Cross Game Chat
-Ability to carry 3rd party themes into in-game XMB (Bringing up the in-game XMB returns it back to the original)
-Redesigned Messaging system (ugly gray lines suck)
-Audio Messaging
-Ability to charge the control while the PS3 is off
-PC integration-- I'd like to add and view messages on the PC
-Ability to mark messages as read (I have OVER 9000 messages that are unread but don't want to delete all of them-- yet I do wish to mark them all read so I can see if I have new ones when at the ticker on the top right)
-Twitter-like integration that connects me to the world of my friends (would love to know when a friend gets a platinum, etc, it would make the trophy collecting that much more fun and it would make communication with friends fun too, It would be nice to know when a friend plays the same game as me too, etc)
-A trophy completion meter that takes all of your games and calculates the percentage that you have collected overall to give a better idea of the potential trophies you could collect


I know they are not all realistic, but that's my dream list

Philaroni3793d ago

So you know that all of that can be done, might need too lower the resolution for speed reasons but there is zero reason why Sony can not do that. I can program in C# and C++ as well as other, and have done OS development. Only reason we don't have any of that is a lot of it cost a lot of $$ for VOIP servers. I'd like Sony to rethink there hole interface and make something more like the NXE that is both usable and can keep people in touch with the world of Playstation. Sony has a lot of work ahead of them. They keep talking about this UX (Universal Experience) for all there products which one is a standard interface. And its not the XMB. So some kind of PSN redesign could be in the works. Sony sure has been talking about the PSN a lot.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213793d ago

I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere the Bravia sync is hardware based, meaning the older PS3 won't be able to receive it via firmware. Otherwise they get it working through software, then I would be open for that feature for my 60gb PS3.

keysy4203793d ago

i couldnt have said it better

Wrathman3793d ago

a wishlist!! bu bu bu but it only does everything.

o the hypocrissy.i log onto this site and half the articles are about how sh1t xbox is.this site has gone beyond bias.its the playstation forums 1.5. you wouldnt get anyway with the extrmeme fanboyism on the official playstation forum.

sort this out!!its disgusting

anyway.points 1,2,3,7,8,9 are all as standard on XBL.PLUS CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS!

points 1-10 will be avialable for PSN premium users later this year.

Pillville3792d ago


Maybe you should sue Sony for false advertising
"it only does everything"
since it doesn't make toast, do your taxes or groom your dog.

I have a wish list for everything I own, from my coffee machine to my toothbrush, there's always room for improvement.

Nitrowolf23793d ago

I would love sony to actually dump the whole idea of adding facebook and twitter and have them release there own version integrated into the ps3 friends list. Imagine being able to go into friends profile, uploading pictures into it, have rating system for them(or rep), comment section or something like that, i think that would be cool instead of having sony intergrate these facebook and twitter, why because i could see them getting old (myspace i feel has lost its attracttion when these 2 came out its only a matter of time before something new happens)

I would also like an option to make the psn friendlisty gray box transparent with the background again.

hmm idk (probaly will never happen) but i would love to be able to send music to my buds or retrieve them, that would be cool, same with videos (but really small video files)

would like some more music visuals,, and some more Avatars, mybe being able to be given a customize option. and like alpha said about a simplier in-game XMB omg that one looks amazin

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