Blizzard And World Of Warcraft Players Donate $1.1 Million To Charity

The Make-A-Wish Foundation today announced a $1.1 million donation from Blizzard Entertainment, a premier developer and publisher of entertainment software. The donation is based on 50 percent of the total sales during November and December 2009 of a special in-game pet, the Pandaren Monk, for Blizzard's award-winning, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft.

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Panthers3799d ago

Just got in the SC2 beta. Downloading it now :)))

Major Kanimo3799d ago

but dude how did u get the sc2 beta, iv been playing the orig for years and blizzard forgot to think about good old Capt.Kanimo

champ213799d ago

wow still seems to be going very strong.

Letros3798d ago

think they profited $1.2B last year...good to see them giving back though.

ATi_Elite3798d ago

One of the best stories of 2010. It's cool to see people helping people.

Another piece of evidence that PC gaming is alive and helping others become well.