Rumour: Nunchuck coming to PS3 Motion Controller

PSU: The PlayStation 3's upcoming motion controller, arriving this summer with a healthy collection of games, may not only include the dildo-like wand. According to insider rumours, Sony's answer to the Nintendo Wii may come with a complementary "nunchuck" controller.

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Sonyslave33796d ago

Damn Sony just straight out copy the Wii .

mrv3213796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Eyetoy and Natal.

Has everyone forgetton Sony released the first motion controlling console this generation? Sixaxis.

techie3796d ago

You mean last generation.

Droid Smasha3796d ago

droids cant wait for there dildo LOL

CliffyB3796d ago

Sony fanboys argue that NATAL has been subjected to little hands-on scrutiny and could suffer "lag" issues. At least Microsoft had the courage to try something different, and will probably be rewarded for it this fall when gamers flock to NATAL and avoid this wii-mote clone like the plague. Or the PSP Go.

mrv3213796d ago

Because Microsoft are so original with their Mii's

Sony came into this generation and basically said we are going to make new IP's... How many Halo's are their now? This generation there's 4!

I like how people downplay the lag. Microsoft said it's only 100ms, now that's OK for singleplayer but the purpose of Xbox is online, when online games go up 100ms also then your dealing with 200ms of lag. That's UNPLAYABLE. So basically Natal is not designed for Xbox 360's MAIN feature.

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-Alpha3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

That pretty much confirms an analog stick which was my only worry with the Arc. It looks more and more likely that the Arc will be the best for core games IMO. Of course, that means it wont appeal to casual gamers as much as Natal or Wii may, but I'm fine with that. I'd rather play Demon's Souls in 1:1 than some fitness game that Natal is likely to capitalize on.

Not saying Natal is garbage, I really do think it will be quite an experience to see how they utilize the human body in games like Gears, but I simply have doubts about the lack of a controller, and judging from the Natal trailers its clear that MS is after Nintendo's market.

I wonder what they will do different than the Wii's nunchuck. I've seen the rumors about the motion controls being a detachable controller, so that would be awesome too, and I've also heard that the controllers would read fingerprints and stuff like that. It's also very cool, though I still am not too comfortable with moving into the motion controller generation.

Now my only worry is the pricing. I wonder what Sony's goal is anyway. I hope they don't get too caught up chasing the Nintendo market like MS seems to be doing. MS seems to be saying that they will support hardcore gamers but so far, I've only seen simple, casual interactions with Natal while the PS3 tech demo showed more promise towards the "hardcore" gamer. But to think that a company like Sony would miss out on the Nintendo market seems unlikely. Sony is, after all, a business company and they want to make the big bucks.


Lol. Well I have my fingers crossed. PS3 rumors have a tendency to come true.

Hakimy3796d ago

it's still a rumor's not confirmed yet ;)

techie3796d ago

Yes, don't get carried away just yet.

Gobstoper3796d ago

It would be so cool to play demons souls with motion controller. Same with Heavy Rain. If they can make it work well with the right games, and its at a fair price, I would get it.

GreenRingOfLife3796d ago

Woah, this is a MAJOR copy of the Nintendo Wii, Sony.....

3796d ago
simplyRealistic183796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

this was in sony's patent longtime ago, i really surprise that it's now you guys are talking about this

btw the sony controller is both natal and the wii controllers basically

Blaze9293796d ago

Seems like a no brainier that Sony needs to release a "nunchuck" attachment along with the Arc. Using the sixaxis along with the arc as a replacement is just a f'ing joke. If they really intend to go along with that then facepalm.

Or unless they get a anlog stick on the main arc.

RememberThe3573796d ago

Only having one hand to play a game doesn't seem like it makes sense. and using the DS3 in your opposing hand seems stupid.

Glad to hear it and I'll cross my fingers hoping that it's true.

Shadow Flare3796d ago

Make a nunchuk with an analog stick, and bundle the controllers and camera in with every single ps3 sold, and you'll be onto a winner sony

D4RkNIKON3796d ago

ZING! Haha as GreenRing tastes his own medicine.
@ above, I totally agree, an analog stick is completely necessary as are buttons!

-Alpha3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

It's Wii enhanced, just like Natal is EyeToy enhanced. What's wrong with building off of already good ideas? That is after all, how ideas are spread and grow: by capitalizing on already existing ideas.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel to be successful or have a good product. In fact, innovation can be quite overrated at times and even be a bad thing. Not saying innovation is bad overall, but there is nothing wrong with going off of old ideas.

It's one thing to copy ideas and rip them off and another to build upon existing ones. These aren't inferior rip offs, these are ideas with next gen technology. History is built on people taking ideas: religion, societies, laws, rules, schooling, etc-- our whole world has been built upon ideas. When people used to travel to other cities in ancient times they took ideas and they brought them back because that's how things GROW.

I don't know why people diss Natal for being like Eyetoy or the Arc for being like Wii. As long as it's better, and as long as they offer something more, I am all for it.

By the way, what would YOU have Sony do to move into motion control?

RememberThe3573796d ago

See GreenRing, that is what we call thinking before you comment. Try it some time :)

SilentNegotiator3796d ago

I HOPE that it's true. I would like an analog stick and some more buttons than the left side of the dualshock provides.

The Great Melon3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

The most important thing if this rumor is true is that when you go get the motion controller that everything comes together, so games will be made under the assumption that both the wand and the nun-chuck are available. I am still waiting for a good game like Zelda to come out with one-to-one translation of movements. The Motion controller demo back at E3 really got me excited when I saw the sword and the bow arrow concepts.

ape0073796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

it almost make no sense not to add a nunchuck to it, they have to do it, sony please do it

games gonna be great with em , oh man imagine red faction guerilla 2 where you can smash everything in real time motion plus + geomod destruction engine

[email protected]

GiantEnemyCrab3796d ago

Oh yes, the HUGE craze that was the EyeToy.. Pfff stop giving that POS camera more credit than it deserves... The thing can barely fake reading Z access and doesn't even include an Infra-red camera so you are stuck playing it in a bright room.

The tech in Sony's camera is different but it's looking more and more like WiiMotionPlus by the month..

Is this why Sony delayed it?

Fox013796d ago

I hope they don't get sued by Nintendo for DIRECTLY ripping off the Wiimotion+ & Nunchuk.

DaTruth3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

This doesn't completely suck, but it sucks still! I was hoping to be able to move the character while dual wielding!

This makes the 2 wand demonstrations impossible except on rails! Real rails where you have no control over your player, like those shooting games that move you around.

RememberThe3573796d ago

Your understanding of the word DIRECTLY is saddening

:( <--that's my sad face.

IdleLeeSiuLung3796d ago

Classic situation of "damned if you do and damned if you don't".

Let me explain, if Sony does not include a nunchuk it will severely limit the Arc. On the other hand, including it further raises the cost. Now for two players we got a camera, two nunchucks and two wands. That's what, $150? Half the cost of a PS3 or almost a Wii....

Bigpappy3796d ago

From a forum user, who has a friend, who's friend is a developer. I believe every word of it.

mastiffchild3796d ago

I've been SO worried that Sony were pi55ing the great looking(though, just like Natal, we have to have a go ourselves to tell the truth)accuracy of their wands away by going with the ergonomic 'mare of using the DS3 in one hand for this job. Even for those of us with big hands it was gonna be a shortcut to cramp city and my wife and kids, when we tried it out, counldn't even hold it steady to push the stick fully in all directions, let alone press the shoulder or Dpad buttons. Seriously, as well as looking pikey compared to Wiis set up it just wouldn't work for people or be comfy for those who could just about manage the basics.

If this isn't true Sony should drop the whole thing now before they waste any more money.

@blaze-you said it's a "no brainer" and I TOTALLY agree and always did. They showed they needed the analog solution by using DS3 with RE5 and LBP at TGS(and RE4 Wii edition controls would help elevate a crappy RE5 quite a bit for me as the SP game deteriorated into an annoying babysitting sim for dim old Sheva for me and quicker aiming for you would take some of the pain away!)and they desperately need something custom built to snare old and new PS3 owner alike-esp the new ones and casuals who would otherwise certainly go for the cheaper but moe professional looking Wii with it's proper tools for the job. Thing is, it's very late and , hopefully, the delay was Sony waking up to what we saw as a no brainer by making the obvious analog holding peripheral. They cost nothing to make(PC ones are , what, available for a fiver?)and they could package one per two wands so the minigames are palyable with an in room partner and the chuck for SP, more complex games. They might even include a free download from PSN/a disc of minigames like WiiPlay seeing as they're going for a similar market wth what amount, largely, to a much improved Wiimote tech.

If they DO produce this, and they HAVE to if they want any chance of selling ANY of these things, me and my kids are a certain purchase for them. Without it they can stick it. Here's hoping they do it as the wand is already looking to beat some of those daft button placements of the Wiimote(some are really crappy, tbh)to go with all the added functionality and precision it has and with Natal and Mtion plaus upping the ante I'm, though I realise noone else was(or weren't until they had Natal to pretend they always LOVED motion controls-or the wands obviously)on N4G,still very keen for someone to make a GREAT lighsaber duel game and a great FPS with BETTER, more immersive but just as accurate controls as mouse and keyboard.

Motion controls won't, and don't and can't, work for all games but why wouldn't we want them IF they can prove to be as good or better for some? BTW, Natal will also have to beat this problem unless they plan to keep us in gameworlds the exact size of our living rooms, won't they? Interested to see what both can do and will gladly be gettig both, price depending if they have good answers to this particular question as , if we can't play good games with them I see little point at all. I don't need to get rid of the controller OR ave a great deal more precision for bloody mini games like we've been shown on Natal and, to a lesser extent(as they also demoed more complex stuff on wands)wand/gem/arc as well as I can already play them for no further outlay on my Wii.

Never knew why people were worried about core and tread games dying out because of this stuff as it'll only stay IF the games are great and only for those games it does anything for. That said the people saying they're looking forward to changing channels and navigating NXe with their hands onNatal puzzle me as, to me, doing so would be(and always be) more of a fuss than pressing a button. It's why contrllers as we know them are NOT under threat-even from Natal-you see, IMO, for some things, pressing a button/pulling a trigger or moving a Dpad/analog is just the best answer. Seriously, hw much smaller a movement can Natal offer to change a channel than I already have with just pressing buttons? I mean, big props if they can do this but I'm not holding my breath on the world having no remotes this time next year-same with the "Minority Report" style functions in the AWOL Eyedentify-which,. I'm informed, isn't dead and WILL be appearing at GDC/E3 or maybe even Cologne/TGS-sometime anyway and it was th e same guy told me as informed me that SF PS3 was being made. IMO both will be VERY true.

-Alpha3796d ago

*Slowly Starts to Clap*

Very nice post, +Bubbles to you.

I also agree with the Wii's button placements...I do not like them one bit. Gamecube's control was ace.

kneon3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

Myself and many others having been pointing out the need for this from the beginning. Without an analog stick, character motion becomes problematic, not impossible, just not as good as it needs to be for most hardcore games.

I would have preferred if they just put the analog stick on the wand, then you just buy more wands that can be used individually or in pairs.

captain-obvious3796d ago

i think this justifies the lack of the analog stick on it
i think this rumour is legit

sikbeta3796d ago

This is not needed, just put an analogue stick in the wand/arc/whatever and that's it

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tunaks13796d ago

It needs a nuncuk type controller, but Sony needs to take a different approach to this. As noted in the article MS is playing itself safe by not taking Nintendo head on in this Motion sensing hysteria (they dont even have a motion sensing controller, its a dam camera which I think will fail in offering any improvements to core gaming). If Sony do decide to add a "nunchuck" they need to make up for lost time, and games. Re-releasing titles or DLC are not going to have the same impact as originally releasing a game with support for it.

jack_burt0n3796d ago

it will be priced like a dualshock, made more sense to have an analog on the device and sell them in pairs giv u 2 analogs and double 1:1 motion this just sounds like copying wii's faults.

So easily could have made the big central button an enhanced psp nub just shows a lack of kuturagi imo.

Sharpshell3796d ago

Two wands would be much preferred, as a Wii owner I must say that the Nun chuck really leaves alot to be desired, its limited motion compared to the wiimote really makes alot of mtion sensing in games fail hard. Just put analog sticks on the those things, which really do look like dildos.

I was watching E3 with my brother who hasn't played a video game since Diablo 2 and he mediately said "why is that guy holding a big glowing dildo?"

George foreman grill + dildo = best transformer ever?

ballsofsteel3796d ago

i hope they do or at the worst make sure there is a anlouge stick attached to the the regular "wand". yes it may be useing nintendo's idea's but if the PS3 motion controls can be true 1:1 imagine the possibilites

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